anyone own mono sac shopping bag?

  1. pros? cons?
  2. I bought one about a year ago..but sold it because it was way to big for me..I always seem to think I would like to have a shoulder bag..but seem to always go back to the hand held bag...

    Just know that they are a very big and deep bag..Great for those who have LOTS of stuff to carry
  3. thanks so much- i love the look but i thought it might be a bit large. good for travel?
  4. I've owned a Sac Shopping... I traded it with another LV addict and regretted having done that... I recently acquired a Sac Shopping, long discontinued, that's even larger than the regular Sac Shopping that you see today. It comes with a Pochette. I said all of the above to say, it is a bag that I will never part with! It's a perfect tote! Lovely shape! Makes for a wonderful work bag, shopping bag or travel piece! I say go for it. The Sac Shopping is a bag that is in high demand. It's large and nice!