Anyone own Marelle MM?

  1. Hi all Lv Lovers here,

    I just bought my 1st Lv after reading in TPF:drool: , really a *dangerous* place here:yahoo:

    But wonder why hardly see any1 here having this bag, seems like this marelle MM not very popular?
    As some of my frenz was sayin that i have made the wrong choice, i should get a speedy or others. But when i was in the store, i just fall in love with Marelle MM.
    As in sgp speedy 30 retailing at s$1090 n my marelle MM retailing at S$1400.
    I am not rich n my bf already ban me buying anymore bag for 2007 as I already bought 1 gucci,1 loewe n this Lv.
    Did I really make the wrong choice?:confused1:

    I really need some feedback from all babes here:flowers:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey there!
    (1) Welcome to tPF!
    (2) I think a few members here, eg. Sandra I *THINK*, have it
    (3) NO! you did NOT make the wrong choice! In fact, I very much support your choice. The Marelle is MUCH nicer than the Speedy imo... The Speedy is just considered to be the classic, not many people know about LV's other models. So imo, most people buy it because it's an affordable bag and a 'safe' decision to make kwim? As a consequence, Speedies are very common which makes your Marelle stand out amongst the crowd.
    What's important is that your 1st LV should be significant to YOU alone! Speedies are always going to be around, so you can always get it later. Of course, if you LOVE the speedy more than the marelle, then go exchange for it, but *I* think you prefer the marelle more and are just influenced afterward by others... Don't be bothered by what others say :yes:
    Also, on a personal level, my first LV was a Trotteur. People say it's cute but I've only seen one person on here who has it. I understand what you're going through, and trust me, when you look back on your purchase in a few years you will not regret it :yes:
    (4) Congrats for getting a beautiful bag! :biggrin:
  3. Marelle MM is definitely a great choice for your first LV, :heart: the shape! I believe there's one pfer post visual pix of marelle GM, do a search and you can find it, Sandra have Marelle pochette which can detach the strap to convert in clutch.
    What you feel is most important thing, I personally didn't get Speedy until last Nov when Azur came out-3 yrs after I start collecting LV! Friends told me I should've get the Speedy as first LV instead of Sonatine(turned out to be super fake after 4 yrs, replace w/real deal, dig out my post if you want to kill some time :biggrin::smile:, but I am glad how I didn't gave in, b/c it's about how I feel, not what everyone thinks. You did the right thing!
  4. Get what you really like. It's YOUR bag, after all!
  5. I love this bag, and I am actually buying one today! Do not question your purchase, as you made a great decision. I have a Speedy 30 and find that the bag is almost limited to practical use. With the Marelle, it is possible to dress-it-up and dress-it-down. Love it!!!
  6. This bag is very nice! But then i had a hard time opening and closing it plus i can only put limited stuff inside... then it gets bulky if you put a lot of stuff.
  7. No point in having a bag if its not the one you REALLY want. And personally i think you made an excellent choice. So stick with it.