anyone own madewell boots?

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  1. I don't own the first ones, but I tried them on in store and they are soo sooo gorgeous. It was just a display so I didnt even check the size, I just slipped my feet in (hehe). The leather is really beautiful!
  2. ^^ thanks! I think I am going to have to try them on...
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    I'm after these as well...they are really nice looking basic riding boots..if you get them will you post pics?:flowers:

    Where would you go to see these?
    I am not sure what store they would be in..

    ETA..I see stores in
  4. i just ordered the archive leather boots from shopbop last night. i went to madewell yesterday to try out the sizing and i had to go a whole size down. they look nice and the calves arent as wide as all the other thinking about getting the brown color too now
  5. ^ Please post pics if you can when you get them:yes::flowers:....I was reading reviews and noticed some said they were wide at the top??
  6. eep a whole size down?? I ordered my normal size...and now they're basically all sold out on the shopbop website :sad:. Hopefully other people made the same mistake as I did and there will be a lot of returns!

    Were they wide at the top? I am looking for narrow-er boots because my calves are skinny to begin with
  7. Does anyone have the tall suede boots from the madewell website? They look promising but I wasn't sure about the quality.
  8. hey guys i got my boots a couple days ago and here are the pics! i'm usually a size 7 or 7.5 and i had to get a 6. i must say that for the 7 and 6.5 the calves were HUGE on me. the 6 is pretty okay for the opening but the ankle is still kinda loose but thats okay for riding boots for me since i have a hard time buying boots bc of my legs...for reference my calves are ~12.75in in circumference.

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  9. I got my size 8's (I am a size 8) and they were huge...I re-bought the size 7 after stalking them on shopbop. I am not thrilled about the loose ankle, but it's to be expected with boots with no zipper. I think they are very good quality for the price (esp with the 20% off).
  10. I was wondering if anyone has more pics of these boots...I'm still on a flat black riding boot search.....thanks!!!