Anyone own/lie Etro bags?

  1. Don't know whether I like it personally, but it's certainly different.

  2. There was one style that I absolutely loved, but never bought. Otherwise, I find them hit or miss. For me, they often combine way too many different patterns on a single bag.

    I was in the Etro store in Rome in October, they had several very nice bags, but I didn't find one I loved enough to buy. :sad:
  3. i came across an ad for them in one of my magazines and the bag they had shown was gorgeous but way too much $$, I went and looked a their site but just didn't find much more of them appealing.
  4. I thought this one, that djgirl1976 had her eye on, was lovely:


    I agree that they can be a bit hit and miss. But then I think that about a lot of designers. :yes:


  5. There is a store in my town that just recently started carrying them but I haven't gone in and looked, but my husband did stop at the window of the store oen day and comment that he liked one of their bags. It had a lot going on so I was surprised.