Anyone own Kooba Sienna????

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  1. Anyone who has purchased their Kooba Sienna retail so they know it is authentic, what does the inside liner look like? I just looked at 2 ebay auctions and both sellers have 100% feedback and claim that their Kooba is authentic one say the plain liner is the real dea and the liner with Kooba all over it is the fake and the other says the opposite. Who is lying and who is being honest? Damm I think ebay is too stressful for me, you want to believe in people, but you knwo most of them are lying!
  2. And if you do own this bag, what is the leather like? I'm tempted by the black version, but it looks a bit different than the other shades.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.
  3. I purchased mine from Luna Boston, which is an authentic boutique. The lining is a green suede material.
  4. Mine's the cognac leather, and there are scratches in the leather. I saw and felt the white one at Bloomingdales, and the white leather definitely feels thicker and better than the cognac one. I can't help you one the black version though.
  5. I tried one on at NMs yesterday and it was suedey inside as well.
  6. I just got my cream one in the mail today! I ordered it from The inside is a beautiful soft lilac suede. I saw a picture of the black one in one of this week's magazines - US perhaps? and the black leather looks like it may be more antiqued looking. The cream leather is very supple but thick if that makes sense - it holds it's shape and does not have an antiqued or distressed look. It's lovely and I think will go with everything for spring and summer. I really like it. :love:
  7. You wanna post the links so we can look at the interiors?
  8. Grrrrrr. I really want one but I just bought a Botkier in almost the same color. :sad:
  9. Meh you people are evil I tell you EVIL! I just went and bought the espresso brown instead. I really need to avoid this place.
  10. Earlier Siennas were lined in brown Kooba logo fabric (like the luggage color for example) and in fall 2005 new Siennas (burnt orange, nutmeg, black, etc.) were lined in green suede.
  11. What style? I just bought a cognac clyde!
  12. I got the cognac Holster :smile:
  13. I purchased one from, and it had the new Spring lavender lining in it. It used to be a greenish color. It is all one color, and sort of a faux suede material. The Claudia also had this same lining.

    Kooba's black is really pretty....almost has a sparkle to it.
  14. Yep, and the new ones have a lavender suede lining.