Anyone own just 1 Hermes bag that is not a Kelly or Birkin?

  1. Hi, I am new here. First time posting on this board and I was wondering if anyone owned just 1 Hermes bag and that bag is not a Kelly or a Birkin? Are you satisfied? I am longing to get a Hermes bag but being a mommy with kids with expensive hobbies, I have made the decision that I could be satisfied with either an Evelyn or a Picotin.

    I visited Hermes the other day and tried on the Evelyn PM and was quite surprised that the size fit nicely. I liked the way the SA shortened the handle with a Twilly so I could wear it as a shoulder bag. However there were two leathers she showed me and one was stiffer than the other. Which is better? The stiffer one or the one that is more slouchy? I liked the Cyclamen someone posted but she said that was a stiffer leather and we didn't have any at our stores. They had a dark brown but not sure whether the color was too much like LV brown?

    Then as I was leaving, I saw the Picotin. I had no desire for the bag until I saw it in person and then thought wow. That is a cute bag too. I saw it in white and thought that would be so cute to carry on casual days as well. Especially with some colorful accessories. However would I be able to clean the bag/keep it white? That got me to thinking maybe a neutral bag would be best so I could wear it easily with most outfits. Then I could satisfy my craving for colors with the accessories.

    Anyway, I feel I would be very satisfied with just one Hermes bag in either the Picotin or the Evelyn. I'm just not sure which. Anyone have a preference or advice? Also, if anyone has pics, I would really appreciate it. The SA only had a few colors available and would be willing to do a search if I had a certain color in mind.
  2. evelyn--for your purposes the stiffer leather will keep its shape and thus be more versatile. whereas the slouchy soft leather will look extremely casual. the picotin is cute but unless you got the large one that you can fit over your shoulder you may regret having just a handbag. did you look at the new all leather garden party??
  3. i have 1 hermes bag (well technically 2 but one went ot the spa as soon as i got it) which is a massai. i like it. right now i'm actually debating getting rid of it. complicated, not because i don't love it.

    anyway i have seen the evelyn in epson (i believer the harder leather you mentioned) and clemence. both are great options (though there are many who prefer anything over epsom). personally i think the evelyn is a better bag for a busy mom- you can sling it on and go- where as the picotin is hand held and therefore a little harder to handle with kids. i imagine. because i don't have any...
  4. also--i know NYC had a black and a raisin epsom. i think either would be perfect for you. I would go with a dark deep color OR uber Hermes like say red or orange. Personally I would do a dark neutral.........
  5. Hi and welcome KUULEI!

    The Evelyne is a great hands free (take your kids to the zoo/park) bag. I would prefer Clemence (Softer) over the stiff Epsom as it is just supple and the bag hugs you better versus just sitting against you and retaining its shape. Epsom is very good in weather and quite durable as is Clemence. It really comes down to what you prefer, soft versus stiff leathers. The strap is canvas so take that into consideration when choosing a color as with kids you may want a dark muted tone just in case of spills.

    The Picotin is a true work of art. I suggest you get at least a Medium size one as the tiny one doesn't fit enough if you have to provide for your own needs plus some room for kiddie needs.

    I too would suggest an all leather Garden Party. They are lovely and supple and at least one size comes with a shoulder strap that detaches although I am not sure if that is only offered on canvas/leather or full leather ones.

    There are so many styles aside from Birkin/Kelly that are fabulous for busy moms. Best of luck in your hunt!
  6. Im also a busy mom with 1 Hermes Evelyne Bag not counting the vintage H bags which are barely used. The Evelyne in Clemence is really a great bag for everyday i got mine less than a month ago and ive been using it almost daily. Its really easy to use and i find it so practical. If you get an Evelyne make sure you get the one with the extra pocket outside ( Evelyne PM2) . BTW I totally can relate with you my DD also has expensive hobbies;)
  7. I have three-Evelyme PM, Massai PM and Market Tote-I am really, really satisfied-the bags are wonderfully crafted.

    It's hard to believe-I have no desire for a Birkin! I want a Picotin too! Hermes makes so many beautiful bags. The Evelyne is super-comfortable with the canvas strap!
  8. Hi everyone. I am so excited. I think I have decided on the Evelyn. Ack! DH is already on board as I have a birthday coming up, hehe. The raisin color sounds especially nice. Or a black if my SA cannot find it. I like the gold color too but that may show stains. What color Evelyns did you all get?
  9. Black, but secretly lusted after raisin.
  10. I just got a GM2 in chartreuse clemence. Love it! I personally do not love the epsom evelynes, because it doesn't mold to your body as easily, if you know what I mean?
  11. This is very exciting!! Congratulations and welcome. I have the evelyne II PM, and it is my daily grab and go bag. Mine is indigo. Would you believe I just discovered yesterday that it will hold a magazine as well...I am so dopey, I never thought to try that, LOL.

    Anyway, it is a great bag that you can wear cross body, on the shoulder long, or shorten the strap and have a neat little shoulder bag.

    I also agree that clemence is a lovely choice for the leather. It is wonderfully soft and has such a great smell, and a nice feel to it. I prefer it over the embossed epsom.

    I hope you find something fantastic!!
  12. I agree with the ladies who suggest clemence Evelyne. I got an Epsom one b/c they didn't have the color combo I wanted, but I returned it the next day. IMO, the clemence fits better with the style of the bag. I'm sure you'll love whatever you decide on!
  13. Hi and welcome Kuulei.
    Did you go to the Ala Moana Store?
  14. Hi! I'm new to Hermes and recently bought a Bolide. It truly is my favorite H bag, and I'm content; not looking for, or thinking about getting a Kelly or Birkin. That could change, but I doubt it.
  15. My only H bag is an Evelyne PM II in chocolate and I really do love it. It is clemence... the softer leather. When I was looking for one, everyone here on tPF told me to get clemence and the SA's at the various H boutiques I called said the same.

    Clemence is such a yummy leather that part of my enjoyment of my bag is that I love the look and feel of the leather.

    You may want to consider the GM size. The PM is perfect for me for regular use but when traveling I find it is a little smaller than I'd like because I try to squeeze all sorts of things in it. Do get the version that has the large outer pocket.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!!