Anyone own Isabel Marant scarves?

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  1. -Hi - I just popped over from the purse side-
    I wondered if anyone owns the Isabel Marant scarves? If so, can you tell me your

    Thanks so much-
  2. Hi! I have several IM scarves, mostly the modal blends called "Ghazo". They're nice and soft, and comfy to wear. I also have a raw silk one from a few seasons ago -- I think called "Riviera"-- but I find it too thick and bulky for my liking.

    I believe my modal ones are made in Italy and the silk ones made in India. Quality is decent for the price.

    Are you considering a particular style?

    You should post in the IM clothing/accessories thread because you'll get more responses there. :smile:
  3. --Thank you so much! I wasn't sure where to post as I usually only do the purse threads!
    The Ghazo is exactly what I am looking at--thanks a lot for answering-I think I will get one!
  4. Great choice! The Ghazo is one of her most popular scarves. She does new colours every fall/winter.
  5. you'll love it, so soft and cozy, and it looks really good. it drapes super well.
  6. I have an Anthracite - dark grey Ghazo. They are quite sturdy, no babying the scarf… I like it. It's very similar to the Sarti's, but with less colour nuance.
  7. --Thanks- I'm looking forward to trying them!
  8. --This is good to hear- I have mostly Hermes scarves- they are well-made but I
    am very careful with them..
    Thanks for your help- I appreciate it-
  9. --Hi Hiromi-
    I wanted to ask if you knew when the Isabel Marant Ghazo scarves are available for purchase for the upcoming Fall/Winter? You mentioned she does new colors--does she do 2 new ones and keep the khaki?
    Thanks for any help you can give-I appreciate it!:smile:
  10. Hi Sophieselt!

    If I recall correctly, F/W stuff should arrive late June or July. I remember buying IM fall pieces at that time, but it might depend on where you're located. I assume Europe gets stock slightly earlier than US/Canada.

    As for colours, I think she always does black and possibly white/ivory, but all the other colours are seasonal. This is the first time I've seen khaki but I don't keep track that closely. I doubt it will be repeated but you never know. If you love it, I say grab it now. I'm eyeing the blue chambray myself. :smile:

    Hopefully, other IM fans will chime in.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the Ghazo! :smile:
  11. --Thanks for your reply--
    I did get the Khaki and now they cannot be found! I am in the US--so I see what you mean about the timing-
    I was in Paris in March and did see the red, blue, and khaki at the IM boutique--which were the 3 colors I found in the US at Barneys and Net-a-porter-

    Thanks so much for your help--I will start looking at their websites in early summer-
    The scarf is just lovely--soft as can be and the drape is wonderful- I also love that the label is on the fabric instead of sew-on--
  12. Oh you're right, all snapped up. :shocked: Only the black is left on Forward. Good thing you got yours!

    It's such a great scarf, isn't it? And the printed label is a bonus -- wish more brands did that.

    I'll post here when I see any F/W scarves come in. :graucho:
  13. --Thanks for all your help--I would have totally missed them if you hadn't helped me!