Anyone own either a Minna Street or Thompson Street?

  1. I know I am being bad....however, does anyone own either a Thompson Street or Minna Street. Would love a Bedford, but can't bring myself to plunk down that much...
    Thank you.
  2. I have a Minna Street - what do you want to know????
  3. I have thompson and bedford ,love both of them very much.
    I don't have Minna Street plus I never heard this style before. Can you please tell me wht Minna looks like? I know beside Thompson streed, LV has Spring Street, Murray backpack
  4. :nuts:would you mind to show me the pics? I love to see what it looks like..
  5. [​IMG]

    I have it in this color. I don't have a personal pic at the moment to post. It is not a big bag and it has a very long strap. A bedford would hold more. A Thompson might hold more also, although I don't have a Thompson to compare.
  6. Sorry
    I was interupted.

    Was very interested in terms of space. Is the Thompson Street similar in size to a Musette Tango? What do you hate and love about Vernis. Getting sick of Speedys and if I'm going on the ban to end all bans, I wanted something different.
  7. Yes, Thompson is the same as a Tango. I love Vernis. I stay with dark colors so I don't have to worry about color transfer as much. Do you want a shoulder bag or a hand bag? The Minna is more like a cross body bag. I love the Roxbury. Although it is not a big big, the style is so beautiful. It can be a handheld or shoulder bag.
  8. Excuse me, didn't know how to get rid of very drawn to framboises (not the most practical, but gorgeous enough to eat!) Something with a long strap would be good. Right now, I have Speedys and pochettes. A Bedford is a dream bag, for my purse museum! Athough I love them. Thank you for the info.
  9. Thanx. Is the Roxbury on elux?
  10. silly me. Found it on louisvutton. Beautiful. Thank you.
  11. thanks for the yummy in this color..
  12. I have two thompson streets and :heart: them!! The blue one was my first LV. Here are some pics on what it can hold! I love the minna street too, but I don't have one.
    ts1.jpg ts2.jpg
  13. The Roxbury isn't on elux right now, although the others are. :smile:
  14. I am in the same boat as you! I am torn between the Minna Street and the Roxbury Drive....if I love the new red I'll get the Rox (since the Minna does not come in the red)...if not, i'll get the Minna in the perle!

    At least these are my decisions as of tonite! hehe
  15. I find myself drawn to the Minna every time i'm on elux.....I'm torn between that or the bedford, but like you said the bedford is a lot b4 tax or shipping sigh