Anyone own anything from the gramercy collection?

  1. I think this would have been late '99 or 2000--another tpf'er created a huge lemming for me. Wanted to know if you think this is a durable leather? TIA!

  2. Yes, I have a black satchel and the black shoulder bag that looks like a mini Kelly bag. The leather is nice and I haven't had any problems with it, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "durable". The satchel is one I bought used on eBay, and the previous owner must have squished it around a lot because there are tiny wrinkles in the corners where the leather has moved a teeny bit from where it was originally anchored on the bag form. I think the more structured bags don't have this problem because there's pretty much no way you can squash them the way you can the satchel.

    They're really fabulous bags, IMHO, and I wish Coach hadn't discontinued the line. Back in the day, they were considered pretty expensive for Coach (the wallets were well over $200 and the bags even higher) so who knows how much they'd go for today? I just wish I'd had more $$ to blow on bags back when they first came out because then I'd have more of them in better condition.

    Good luck feeding your new lemming!
  3. Oh, thank you! THe one I am wanting is the kelly-like one! I will keep my eye open on eBay for one--they look GORGEOUS!
  4. I have a checkbook wallet from the gramercy line for about 8 years and the leather is very durable. I looks brand new as I do take very good care of my bags and wallets. It is unique in its appearance and I too wish I had bought more from that line. Another line quite similar to gramercy is the madison and I have some from that collection as well. Also available on eBay from time to time and something you may want to look into if you like the gramercy line. Good luck!
  5. Hi! It's me! The one who posted about the gramercy kelly looking bag:yes: I want this bag too! I love it in the black from the drilldown pic you posted!

    I am wondering if I should get the one on ebay or hold out for a black one:confused1: There are 2 of the yellow ones up right now... one doesn't have the hangtag!

    AAAAAAAAAAHHH! I hate ebay sometimes!
  6. taralindsey--the color of the yellow one was actually called "wheat"....would you wear this color? I keep thinking I wouldn't, but the one on ebay is in pristine condition! I'm gonna also check out the madison line, but I adore the style of this bag as a Kelly is not currently in my budget (ah, someday...)
  7. amytude--

    I really don't know if I would wear this color, but I am drooling over the pics of the wheat :drool: I think black would be better though! I really love the kelly handbag too and It is totally not in my budget either, I don't even know how much one costs but I know it's too much for me:p