Anyone own any Van Cleef and Arpels?

  1. The SA told me that prices were going up as of May 1st or something. The bracelets I got were $1850 each.

    Greentea: I think the opera length is gorgeous!! I've got to go and check out your kelly!!! Do you have a thread on it?
  2. ^ I'll get the bag tomorrow and post pics! :smile:

    Gosh, I want that gray/white gold Alhambra bracelet or necklace!!! ACK!
  3. Greentea: I was only going to get the MoP one, but when SA told me about price hike, I just thought I better get something else. I didn't like the turquoise w/ WG (too kiddish), and so I got the onyx. SA said they would look good worn together, and they do!!!

    If I read the previous post correctly about the price hike, that means it will be up $250.00. You can call the SA and have them charge it to you today at the price before it goes up tomorrow. Then when you pick up your kelly, you can pop in to pick up your bracelet!!
    VCA Bracelet.jpg
  4. OMG!! those bracelets are stunning, i love them!! i'm sooooo tempted to get them
  5. SA let me try on a diamond one. It was only *ahem* 14 grand. I said, "um...a little out ouf my price range." For some strange reason I'd rather have two Birkins for that amount rather than a bracelet.
  6. ^ Me too! Anyway, Jehaga, I'm tapped after the Kelly but I'd love one in the future! I prefer white gold jewelry but I really like these in yellow gold.

    I also WANNTTTTT the diamond pave Cosmos flower ring. drool.
  7. Greentea: When you do get it, it'll look great with your Kelly!!

    I want almost everything in that store and their catalogs!!
  8. Dang, if only they had the Alhambra in pink gold with MoP.

    I also really like the Frivole collection.
  9. i don't know jewelry from my elbow (though now i'm totally fixated on the pomellato rings - thanks for the help on that la van!), but i was in hermes once (naturally) and a woman with a very petite birkin, maybe a 25, green ostrich i think, had on one of the vc&a rings that are 2 flowers with a half band that goes under your finger, so the 2 flowers just float between your fingers... is this making sense? anyway, hard to miss that. wow!
  10. jehaga, beautiful bracelets!!!!!
  11. Hey GT

    here is another pic of a VC&A piece for you. My finger looks like it's cut off b/c I don't want to show my unmanicured finger nails.
  12. I love your ring!!!
  13. What beauties!
    bigimage2.jpg bigimage-1.jpg bigimage.jpg
  14. thanks, HH & diana.

    cxyvr: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I'm in looooooove!!!

    la van: love the pix. I picked up some VC&A catalogs and I could look at them all day long.
  15. Thanks Jehaga, La Van

    I have to stop looking at the catalog my sa sends's too tempting.