Anyone own any Van Cleef and Arpels?

  1. I've been more of a Tiffany/Cartier girl but just stumbled across VC&A's website the other day - probably the most beautifully done website I've ever seen. Anyway, I'm now obsessing about this jewelry:love: - namely an elegant pave flower diamond ring or something like that (also love the snowflake line.):love: Does anyone own anything like this? Pics? Prices?
    My nearest boutique is an hour away and I'll be sure to visit - but I'd like some info in the meantime.
    The "bee in my bonnet" is telling me to get some sort of different flower type ring as an anniversary goodie (instead of a new solitiare):idea:
  2. I don't own any yet but I'm looking to get the Alhambra necklace in either gold or gold with mother of a pearl/onyx. I love that line. I don't know about the prices, maybe 2-3k.
  3. Hey GT

    I have seen so many of your imformative post about H and I always felt guilty for not having any input since I am new to H.

    Well finally I have something to contribute. I bought my diamond wedding band at VC&A and it's amazing. VC&A seems to be the only place that sells high quality (ie. D colour vs1)non solitiare rings. I find most of the other place like Cariter and Tiffany's use lower quality diamonds in thier non solitiare designs.

    I think the pave flower diamond ring you are talking about is 7000-7500 when I looked at it a few months ago.

    It's the one that the ring doesn't go all the way around your finger right? It looks like the flowers just sits btw your fingers when you try it on.

    It's very nice but I told my husband I want a birkin before the ring so now I am waiting for the birkin to come.
  4. VC&A has gorgeous pieces. I have a couple and my mother and mother in law has lots as well. I have a ring that looks like a flower that sits between your fingers and the pearl between the other. It is gorgeous. They are very sweet and gentle pieces. I know Star has some as well, so ask her about it.
  5. ^ Thanks, ladies! I love those rings that sit between 2 fingers but want more of a traditional ring as a wedding ring replacement - I called and they said that one of the flower rings I liked was $14k. They only use D,E, and F colored stones and only VVS1 and better. The SA was SOO nice on the phone and invited me to come up and she'd show me everything. I can't wait! It doesn't hurt that this store is in the same mall as my Hermes - so I'm there anyway.
    I'd love to see pics of your things!

  6. My ring is just the simple diamond wedding band but I bought it b/c the good quality stone. I can't seem to find any other place that sells D colour diamond wedding bands.

    Here is a pic
  7. :drool: :drool: :drool: absolutely gorgeous!:love: :love:
  8. OH my god, their website is the MOST amazing I have EVER seen!! I was so blown away by it...

    You are lucky there is a store in your country though, there isn't one is Australia :sad:
  9. I love Van Cleef but their prices are sooo $$$$$! I've always lusted after that flower ring Greentea, I hope you buy it! I went to a wedding shower once where the bride got that as a gift from her bridesmaids and I was sooo jealous!
  10. ^ WOW! That is some gift!
    Okay, they have the nicest SA's EVER! After my brief phone call yesterday to VC&A, this morning, I got an overnighted FED-EX envelope with a catalouge and lovely handwritten card and business card from the SA whom I spoke with! Now that's service!
  11. I just sent into the store yesterday and got two Alhambra bracelets--one in MoP and the other in Onyx. I don't generally wear yellow gold, but these bracelets are darling!!!
  12. Does anyone know how much the Alhambra bracelets and necklaces are? I am so in love with that line. :nuts: :heart:
  13. the prices are going up as of yesterday. 10 motifs necklaces are starting at $4k. The magic Alhambra collection bracelet will now be $3500. The classic bracelet with 5 motifs ws $2100 so I'm guessing it will now be about $2500. I hope this helps.
  14. Jehaga, I'm GREEN(tea) with envy! I'm obsessed with the Alhambra line. My dream piece is that long opera length necklace (10 motifs?)

    I could've bought myself the bracelet but just got a Kelly. SOOO, I'll have to wait awhile.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I love Tiffany and Cartier, but if I'm ever able to invest in diamonds, they're coming from Van Cleef & Arpels! :greengrin: