Anyone own an olive Silverado???

  1. I have a chance to buy an olive silverado. I'm wondering if anyone has one and what colors they tend to wear with it.
  2. I have never seen an olive silverado, but it must be beautiful. I love that color, I think its a great neutral, it will go with almost everything,
  3. I love the olive color. I already owned a chocolate silverado so I couldn't justifying buying the olive, but it is one gorgeous color. I think it would go with about anything!!!
  4. What style silverado style are you referring to? I have an olive silverado tote and wear it with most anything since most of my wardrobe colors are earth tones and neutrals. I would never wear it with pastel pinks or blues.
  5. I saw this one recently (half price too ;), which is fab for a python!), and actually thought gosh that would go with a lot of colours.
    Browns, and creams and beiges especially, but green goes with alot of pastel colours too :smile:
  6. It's the one talked about in this thread; only it's in olive. I'm attracted to how light it is when filled with all my stuff as I dislike heavy handbags..

    Actually just found this picture on a thread started by SoCal earlier this year. It's a great deal so I'm torn.

  7. Jayge, I love the olive color!!! It has a lot of mustard undertones in it. so rich and versatile IMO. I cant speak for this style because i've never seen it IRL but as far as the color, it's gorgeous!
  8. Jayge, I too have the olive and let me just say both of my Balenciagas have sat in the closet since I brought the silverado home.