Anyone own an Epi Speedy...?

  1. Hey there TPFers, I was wondering if anyone owned an Epi Speedy? I am going to go to LV for my first purchase sometime next week!:yahoo: I was thinking about getting an Epi Speedy in Black, but I wanted to know how others like theirs, is it too stiff? Scratches? 25 or 30?

    Thanks for all your help! BTW I just ordered a wapity in white MC so it should arrive next week! After my first LV store visit next week I will post the pics of what I decide to get, plus my wapity. I love all the pics when people model their LVs, so I will do the same!

    Thanks again...and I :heart: this site, everyone is so helpful!
  2. Too stiff, prone to scratches and the zipper always scratches my hands when I try to get in and out of the bag :cursing: I had one but sold it! It looks nice but not very user-friendly IMO
  3. I love my Black Epi 25!! It is so durable and it really keeps it shape...I love it. Scratches are pretty rare to get I think. Good Luck!!! (Can't wait to see pics)
  4. I love mine now- it's not stiff or hard to get out of, and I think wrinkles, especially near the zipper, are a bigger concern than the scratches, which I haven't seen and don't expect to get!
  5. The sizes depends on your preference.Black is a great choice,because it goes with everything,can't go wrong on that.About scratches and all depends on how you use it,of course you have to be carefull with it,but if you do take care of it,the bag will stay in tip top shape.
    Congrats on your new futur purshase! :tup:
    (Yes! Another LV futur addict...hahaha)
  6. i think the 30 would be easier to get things in and out of and also would scratch your hands less when you reach in and out of it. in terms of stiffness, the new soft epis are not as stiff as the old ones and scratches/scuffing is based on how well you take care of your bags. it's a FANTASTIC bag imho and a classic in every sense.
  7. I had a 30 but it was HUGE and I never used it! I had no problems getting in and out, and the thing was 14 years old and still looked next to new. epi ages so well, you will be able to carry it forever!!
  8. I love my Yellow's my most used bag...and my most complimented. IMO, it is quite durable, but yes, it is hard to get into and does scratch my wrist.
  9. I have the Epi Speedy 25 in Ivorie and I love it. One of the best bags that I own! A great buy!
  10. I do!!! I love my 25 because I live in a big city and it gets very heavy when it's full. The epi 25 is bigger than the mono 25.
  11. The epi 25 is about the same size as the mono 30! Keep that in mind!
  12. I have a red Epi 25, I love it, it is the perfect size. I can easily get to all my stuff and there seems to be plenty of room in there. It is nice and lightweight too. It hasn't gotten a scratch on it and I don't exactly baby my bags. It has softened up a little bit over time, but not too much. It holds it's shape very well. It is water resistant which is nice. Seriously, water rolls right off and I never treated it with anything. You can just wipe it with a paper towel if it gets rained on and you would never know it got wet.
  13. I have the Epi Speedy 25 in red and it is fantastic.The Epi 25 s are bigger than mono Speedy 25. You might want to try on both sizes.Congrats and enjoy.
  14. I got a red 25,love it........
  15. I have a black 25 and it's pretty much my fav bag :nuts: .... you can really knock it around and it just doesn't care, it has survived holidays, work and pouring rain (it's super waterproof) .... i just love it!!! .... personally I don't have any problems with getting in and out (I only have that with my bedford)