Anyone own an Elisa Atheniense bag?

  1. I did use the search function, but none of the threads about this designer actually commented on the quality.

    Does anyone own a bag by this designer? If so, how is the leather? Is the bag good quality? Hold up well to use?

    I borrowed this image from a website, but I was thinking of getting this bag below. Any thoughts?
  2. I own this one. I love it. :heart: It's really unique, the leather is terrific, and the bag ALWAYS gets compliments. I think this is definitely an under-rated designer.

    I say go for it!:yes:
  3. Kathy K - that bag is beautiful! :love: wow! i might keep looking for a handbag like that!!
  4. Thanks, Artiksun. I bought mine from The Purse Store ( They have several on clearance now. Good luck!