Anyone own an Alzer?

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  1. So...seeing all these pics of people in the airport with Alzers makes me want one. Although it's a little more than I want to spend on (yet another lol!) suitcase. Ok that's a little bit of an understatement. But anyway. In the Roppongi Hills Tokyo store I saw a beautiful black Multicolore Alzer 55 or 60. Only 1,475,000 yen...over $12k USD. I joked about buying it and the SA said oh no it is special order only and takes 1 year to produce. That thing was seriously gorgeous, the vachetta even had a tan going. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: Then I picked it up. That thing was seriously heavy! With nothing inside!

    So here is my question, is an Alzer really practicable as a check-in item when flying? Or would you have to have it arranged in advance as heavy/oversized baggage? What do you think? :confused1:
  2. Practical? No. Gorgeous? Absolutely :love: If you're concerned about weight, what about the Bisten? It doesn't have the tray and goes all the way down to 50.
  3. Well I'm not getting it right now...can't justify that at all... I'm just looking for stories from people here if anyone actually has an Alzer or Bisten. Whenever I do get one though it'll probably be one of the smaller ones in plain Monogram. Wow that would actually look crazy with a two-tone stripe down the side like those old trunks (and the Groom line). My dream trunk is an Alzer 80 Anglais in black MC. :drool::graucho:
  4. Twinkle.Tink has an MC set if I'm not mistaken... :hrmm:

    If anyone out there has one... pics would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I think all the hard sided suit cases and trunks (beauty case etc etc ) are really heavy with nothing inside so I would say not practical.
    altough you could only have them at home to keep very special stuff inside.
  6. They are beautiful, but waaay to expensive for me and not really that practical, lol. Of course, I dream of having a set one day :p
  7. I have the beauty case in mono & it's very heavy. It's the medium sized one. I only carry it for short car trips. Houston LV has 3 or more Altzers in white MC that are gorgeous. I looked at a smaller one & the price was $8,000. Once I saw an older lady checking the hat box & other pieces of LV, & they put her luggage in boxes & sealed them up first.
  8. I have the Alzer in Mono and I really like it. On longer trips, it packs everything in securely in one place. Yes, it is heavy but I guess I am a tall guy who works out so that's not much of a problem for me.

    If you care about scratches on your pieces you will NOT want to buy the Alzer - it must be checked in and there will be cosmetic damage on the piece. But structually it will surely hold up and and repairs at Vuitton are extremely reasonable (I had dent on the hardware on one of the corners and it was repaired for less than $30 USD)

    You will also get A LOT of attention and I usually try to be first to pick up my luggage because I am so afraid someone will steal it.

  9. They are TDF IRL: :drool:

  10. ^ I love that pic John!!!
  11. I do, pics, are in my showcase...

    Ok, here is my 2 cents (I have said this before, so this is for the op).

    I love my luggage and I use it quite a bit and I, do check it. Yes, it gets scuffed, and banged a bit. It is very sturdy, and most marks wipe right off. I really don't mind some marks, and the Patina, I think it adds character, and can't wait for another 10 years and it looks quite vintage :smile:

    It is a bit heavy, but I have never had any problems with the weight and checking it in. As far as carrying it, to be honest I don't have to do that much. Usually someone else is doing it, kwim? :shame: If I had to carry it, maybe I would feel different. :shrugs:
  12. That MC is amazing.... is it still available?