Anyone own an Alexis Hudson bag?

  1. Hi, new to forum =). I read a lot of posts, and I found you guys to be very informative and helpful. I hope someone can help me figure out where Alexis Hudson bags are made from. I saw a bag on that i really like but it said it's made in China. So does that mean it's not real? I try looking on other sites that sell Alexis Hudson but none tells you where the bag is made from. I was hoping someone on here who owns one would know. Any help would be great, thanks!!
  2. I don't know where AH bags are made, but I do know that most Coach and Isabella Fiore bags are made in China.
  3. You might get more responses to your question if you post it in the correct forum, which is "Handbags and Purses."
  4. Thanks Bjara for your info! and zeigeist, you're right.. i'm in the wrong place.. will post at the right forum, thanks!