Anyone own a Zip Pouch?

  1. I actually never knew a Zip Pouch existed. I just thought there were the smaller key pouches. According to L.A.M.B. collections, this is a bigger, flat pouch that measures approximately 4.5" by 7".

    I just won an LS one and am curious how much can fit in it. Does anyone have one or used to have one?

    Here's a pic from L.A.M.B. collections:
  2. I have a silver one but have never used it, I mostly use my key pouches. I find the bigger pouch to be kind of awkward.
  3. ^^Thanks for your opinion!:flowers: I think I feel the opposite. I've had key pouches in the past and felt they were too small. Oh well...I'll find out soon enough if it works for me!
  4. I have the Lipstick Saddle zip pouch and I use it all the time whenever I go out for drinks. I could fit the usual (ID, credit card, cash), cell phone, L roller ball, and lipgloss. It fits perfectly! I hope that helps!
  5. ^^I never considered using it as a little clutch, that's a good idea!
  6. ^^I like that idea too! Thanks ssdkristina!! :heart: It sounds like it can hold a decent amount.

    It doesn't hurt that I got it for just $25 as well. :p I'm excited to get it!!