Anyone own a VESPA?

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  1. I'm not certain if this thread will get any posters but I figured it's worth a try since all the moped/scooter forums seem all intimidating males......and I didn't want to ask questions about a pink vespa.
    There I said it! I want a pink vespa!

    My husband and I are moving down to Houston and I decided to buy a vespa for short city commutes instead of an SUV and use rest of the money and money saved up from gas/insurance for tuition and some purses.. (great thinking, no?)

    So... my ultimate question is, ANYONE OWN A VESPA?
    If so, what is your experience with it?
    easy to drive/maneuver in city streets?
    Easy to park them?
    Easy to maintain?
    Did it ever break down on you in the middle of the road?

    Please let me know~ Hopefully someone owns one?

    --eta: picture from
  2. Hi Joanna!

    My dad bought a Vespa a couple years and loves it. He's never had any problems with it and uses it whenever he can. He says that it's very easy to drive, you just have to be more aware of the other drivers. It's very easy to park them, you can park them almost anywhere. Easy to maintain and he's never had any problems with it on the roads.

    If you have any other questions, please ask! :smile:
  3. I loooooveee vespas. I don't have one but I want one. I think it would be too scary to drive it where I live, but I still want it!
  4. Oh, they're so cute! :nuts:
  5. my bf's thinking of buying a vespa for short ride as alternatives to the car. because the traffic is so full jam packed, we were thinking of buying a vintage vespa.
    i love motorcycle, i can't wait to bring a matching "motorcycle" balenciaga bag with it LOL
  6. I live in Houston, and lots of people use scooters to get around here. This will only work if you are not moving to the suburbs, by the way! Watch out for crazy drivers, though.
  7. oh yeah, crazy drivers.... it's scary in big cities
  8. I have a moped, a 74 Honda which is slower than a scooter but even more fuel efficient. I find that while they're really gas saving and the such, a lot of people in my city don't really know how to act with other vehicles on the road and I often fear for my life ! Personally, I don't bother to insure it - small vehicles work so well in Europe but not so well in Toronto.
  9. Oh that's so cute! I wouldn't mind one! Just zipping around town here would be so great! I would like one in a mean shade of red, with matching helmet!
  10. I don't have one, but I also want one!! (just maybe not a pink one ;) )
    DH makes fun of me pretty bad, but I think they are so cool, I say go for it!
  11. I want a VESPA so badly!
  12. I don't have a VESPA but I ride a motorcycle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's so much fun the ride is better than the destination sometimes .... erm .... most times!:yes: :P
  13. Oh gosh...
    Thanks for the input ladies.
    I'm gonna do it..

    I'm gonna buy one when we arrive in Houston. (End of August)
    We're gonna live in the Museum district/Medical center/Hermann park area so right in the city.

    I'm just worried about getting hit by other vehicles...
    Hopefully the pink color will attract more attention....

    Please let me know if you have anything else I should take into consideration when buying a vespa.
  14. That's a great area to live in! Like I said, always, always be careful of other drivers. The rail runs through there too, and people are always hitting the rail, and it's huge and silver. Good luck with your move's hotter than hell right now.
  15. I dont own a vespa, but i did rent one for a weekend in Hawaii. They are so fun and easy to drive. They go pretty fast too, but not scary at all. I loved the experience!! :biggrin: Hoped this helped.