Anyone own a Treesje Bag?

  1. Does anyone own a Treesje bag... do you love it? I was thinking about purchasing one, but don't want to regret it in the long run... there are a couple of them that I like, but I"m just looking for an everyday brown casual but very stylish bag....:rolleyes:
  2. I own a brown one-the quality is excellent for the price. Mine was originally $475 and I paid about $300. I haven't used it much, but it's well constructed, the leather is beautiful and soft, and there are a lot of compartments! :rolleyes:
  3. I've always wanted one but I don't have any retailers near me and I feel like they are too pricey to buy online without seeing them IRL. I'm nervous about buying online b/c returns seem like a big hassle unless you are buying from a well known retailer.
  4. I'm a big fan of Treesje, but I have off-beat, girly taste I think. I adore them. I bought one from for $167 (it was co-listed on though I rarely see them there. There are also a number listed for sale on, though they are sold with no-returns.

    Luna Boston has a few and there are usually 20 percent off codes for Luna Boston floating around the Steals & Deals forum. has them too. And occasionally they go on sale there, although you have to keep watching because they go fast.

    There are some on eBay but they're usually pricey. And I have an aversion to buying bags on eBay as the ones I buy always seem to come mucked up, even when they're advertised "New with tags, perfect condition."
  5. I love Treesje. I have a brown Hudson and use it all the time. Great bag!
  6. I have a Treesje Black Gardenia Bag that I got a couple of seasons ago. I didn't see the black one in person but had my sales person at Nordies order it for me- figured if I was really unhappy I can just return it. I really liked it and still use it often. I initially liked it cuz of the whimsical ruffling. The leather is REALLY soft and it has a beautiful cream lining. Mine is a great size and I carry a lot of stuff in it for myself and my baby.
    I don't know which one you were thinking of getting but it various in price range... mine was $500ish i can't recall the exact cost. I feel like it was totally worth it.

    As for ordering something you don't see in person... Well for me I like ordering from Nordies cuz if it's over $300? it's free delivery and if I don't like it i can just take it back to the store by my house.
    Good luck with the bag search!
  7. There was a gorgeous one at NR for 119! ...but it had a small pen mark and the leather was off-white. It was definitely beautiful, the leather was really soft as well. I'm not too sure what style it was but it had braided handles and a shoulder strap, a small zip pocket up front and the top was curved like a rainbow..
  8. Treesje bags look pretty nice! There's a black one on that is almost tempting for me to buy!