Anyone own a Tikal GM or PM?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone own the Tikal PM or GM and have a photo of them wearing it? I'd like to get for my mom but I'd like to see how it looks on a person, I haven't had the time to stop by LV lately...thank you all so much! I've also tried to search for it on this forum and I haven't had any success!
  2. I would like to add a me too... I am very curious about the Tikal GM, even though it would be a huge splurge for me :sad:
  3. Again, my bad.
  4. I think that's tulum

    I tried tikal GM when I was in the store while back, it's very roomy but in bulge side..It's hard to's just have to try it on. I love tikal PM, it's very cute but it's too small for me at the I got hudson PM intead..

    Tikal GM


    Tikal PM

  5. My bad, I wasn't paying attention. That's what I get for trying to do 4 things at once.
  6. That's the Tulum.
  7. LOL..I do that sometime..
    I replied to different it was totally doesn't make sense what I was talking about :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. I think I like the PM better. I think it would serve a good purpose as a small weekend shoulder bag for just carrying a few items (wallet, keys, phone), and be larger than a pochette. I should see what I can fit into it.

    So no one here owns one?
  9. Well I'm gonna order til PM on friday so I'll have it next week and can post a pic.. I really love it!! Can't wait to get it!!!
  10. Yay! Congrats and I look forward to your pics.
  11. yay...I can't wait to see the Tikal, I'm surprised that no on the forum has one for show! bagsnbags...I understand what you're saying about the Tikal GM, based on the does sound pretty large!
  12. you're absolutely would be a huge splurge for me too...I was a little surprised at the price, I guess it's the hardware and leather detail and make it pricey, yah think?
  13. Yeah, I have decided that since I already have shoulder bags in that size, the splurge would be redundant and not worth it. I do not however have a shoulder bag in the Tikal PM size, and I also do not own a LV monogram bag. So. Maybe!
  14. I went to Neiman's after work and checked out both the Tikal PM and GM.

    I LOVED the PM. It's very cute, and it is small, but think of it as an evening bag that fits on the shoulder. The inside is nice and boxy (roomy) about the size of a cigar box. Inside, I easily fit my Koala wallet, my cellphone, my keys, and either my iPod or my small agenda. I could have also added a lipstick and a bus pass or whatever. So I think it's a perfect size for either going out at night or on the weekend when you don't carry as much with you. Those of you familiar with Coach: it's about the size of a Coach signature demi pouch, though obviously the LV is far superior.

    I LOVED it! I must have it!! Sometime this summer.

    On the other hand, was not thrilled with the Tikal GM. Did not like the shape, it was awkward to get into, I would not buy it.
  15. the tikal pm is actually about the same size as a marc jacobs louise bag. The tikal GM, the manhattan GM and the mandaras are also modeled after marc jacobs bags so this might be helpful for those who are also marc jacobs enthusiasts! I'm not sure if there are other ones that are modeled after his own line...