anyone own a suhali Compact Zippé?

  1. ughh its outta stock :cursing: hmm heres a pic of it:smile:
  2. My mom has one and she's had it for a while now and it looks fine to me. Watch the hardware on the corners because that seems to be what is prone to being scratched.
  3. ^^I agree. I don't have the Suhali Compact Zippe but I have the Groom one. As for the Suhali though, I have an agenda and use it all the time and haven't noticed scratches. But as aluminum_siren said, do watch the corners.
  4. I agree. I don't have it either but my MC agenda has those gold corners too and I don't have any probs with them after 1 year of much abuse...

    I think it's a great buy! if you don't mind your bills folded then get it, otherwise there's the Suhali PTI (which I'm not fond of since I don't like any PTI lol) or there's a new Suhali zippy coming out in a few days. Maybe you wanna wait for this?
  5. Thanks every1.. esp. for the info C.. :smile:
  6. The Suhali zippy is to die for, it is so hot.
  7. I have this wallet in Plum and it's wearing GREAT! As a couple of others said, the only real wear is showing as minor scratches on the brass corners. Hope this helps!