Anyone own a Stockard?

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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone owns this bag? If you do, can you tell me about the leather? Does it scuff easily? If you are able, can you take a pic of it with weight in it and it hanging like it would if you were carrying it. Is it easy to fold the top to one side (like the pic shows) I would love to see how it drapes with some weight in it.

  2. I have this exact bag... I don't have any pics, but it does drape just like this with weight in it.
    The opening is a bit restrictive getting in and out of. If it doesn't snap shut, the opening does close in together on its own. I haven't noticed any scuffing yet, but it's not an everyday bag for me right now.
  3. Thanks for the info!

    What do you mean by restrictive? Are you happy you bought it?
  4. if you try and open it wide the strap kinda gets in the way...
    Its a hobo, so not unexpected.

    I love the color and I prefer single strap hobos as shoulder bags, so I love it.
  5. Me too....and I just bought the one that I've been looking at on Ebay :happydance:
  6. I think you'll love it :biggrin:
    It is a gorgeous color!

    I can send you pics if you PM me, they won't upload on here for some reason
  7. It was a BIG toss up on what color to get but I ended up getting the vanilla for now....I LOVE MK's Vanilla. If I like carrying it then I will probably get the Cinnabar too! ....or maybe the black LOL.

    I have nooooo idea how to PM yet, ( I just signed up recently) but thats ok cause I guess I just needed the reassurance that the leather really drapes IRL like it shows on the stock photo.
    I can't wait for it to get here!!
  8. OK, I *think* I just sent you a message
  9. pics of my bag.....
    had to wait until I got home from work.
    the flash washes out the color quite a bit.

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  10. OK now I wish I would've gotten the Cinnabar LOL

    That is GORGEOUS and the leather texture looks really soft and pliable.
  11. the leather is very soft and pliable.
    I don't know why it wasn't a more popular bag...I have the Leigh in sapphire and silver (another hobo), too, and I ALWAYS get compliments on it.
  12. I was wondering that too! I think alot of the ladies enjoy the satchels or ones with multi-wear choices. I do like the satchels but have always loved one strap shoulder bags!!!
    You always get the compliments on Leigh or Stockard?
    I was looking at the Leighs too LOL
  13. The does have a crossbody strap, but i have never used it.
    I think its the color that people are drawn to.
  14. HA HA! I've been looking at that bag in that color on ebay as well! I don't know what the color looks IRL and have been googling it like crazy to get an idea.
    This thread is hurting my wallet!! :lol:
  15. when i get home I can post pics..but it is gorgeous!