Anyone own a Quilted Stam Hobo in Mouse?

  1. Just wondering if anyone own this and has pics of the bag for me to see - it's really pretty if it's the same one I saw at the mall today on someone! thanks

    This bag was an eluxury exclusive bag - I called the MJ store and they said it wasn't made to be sold in their MJ stores. They also said that Neiman Marcus/BG bought it also. Does anyone own this bag or maybe you've seen it around?

    I would love it in Grey but if not Black. The bag has moved up to Holy Grail spot #1 :drool:
    Everyone is so resourceful here - I'm sure someone has seen this bag out there?
    (fingers crossed)
  3. i have it in was my first mj bag, but i've been thinking about listing it lately as i never use it.... man i'm a wreck lately since i've been listing all my stuff.... but i just have too much and i never use it all this year i bout 13 mj bags, not to mention shoes, sunnies, zc and key holder lol or the other designers
  4. this is the bag that introduced me to mj and i realy love it, you find some on eBay either in not so good condition or brand new and if brand new it's substantial, like a current season bag....
  5. bumping to help spread the word that I'm still Hobo-less :love:
  6. lovekoobabags that was my first MJ bag too, only in black and I believe it to be so versatile and functional, and I always get compliments when wearing it, even my brother commented when I wore it last, only he thought it was Chanel ;) the mouse colour is beautiful, and if you can get it in either colour you will not be disappointed. I have seen one or two on eBay every now or then, good luck with your search. I'll keep a look out for you too
  7. Hey maybe someone can keep an eye out for that mouse grey alyona I've been hankering after ;)
  8. I bought one in Cashew last year, but have never carried it. I've been selling many of my MJ bags, (just too many bags), but this one is a keeper.
  9. i saw someone carrying the Stam Hobo in mouse last week too and I want one! the color is great and i love the style. just like lovekoobabags, i am still hobo-less and if anyone knows where i can get one or if anyone is looking to sell theirs, let me know!!
  10. I always wanted a Stam hobo, even long before I ever wanted a Stam. I love the single shorter handles and the longer chain plus the gathered top. And Mouse grey - UGH! TDF!!:drool::drool:

    Did they only make the Stam Hobo for the 1 season (F/w 06)??
    I wonder what colors it came in???
  11. I have the hobo stam bag in mouse. It is a great color and goes with everything. Reminds me of the cola color a little bit but with a greyish tint. I wouldn't call it a traditional "grey" color though. It strikes me as more brownish than grey.
  12. I too own the hobo stam in mouse. The color is surprisingly very versatile. And not to mention the leather is very durable. That bag has been through some serious rains and snows and it still is the same when I first got it. The handle is very comfortable when it's on the shoulder. The thing is, that bag is fairly big, and definitely fits a lot of stuff, and when it gets heavy, handle definitely doesn't dig my shoulder. That's why I wear this bag a lot more often than any bags that I own.

    Here's the thread of pics that I post it on:

    For reference, I'm 4'11'' HTH :biggrin:
  13. the bag is heavy as hell....i sold mine...but i'm keeping on the look for a black one.....i think the stam is lighter, they use more calf leather to make the hobo and that's where the weight really is, not just the chain.....
    i miss my bag sooo bad
  14. God that is so gorgeous, I do hope you find one ! We will have our eyes peeled.