Anyone own a Pleaty MM or GM

  1. What do you guys think of these purses? I like the Pleaty MM (it's called Beverly now) but I want a big purse. I haven't seen the GM IRL so I'm wondering how much bigger it is compared to the MM.
  2. i think the gm is supposed to be HUGE irl.. i havent seen it either though..
  3. I havn't seen the GM IRL, but I REALLY want to!! I saw the MM and I thought it was cute
  4. I saw the XXL and was really huge. It's almost like an overnight bag. The LV at SCP didn't have the GM and I want to compare the size with the MM. The MM is really nice.
  5. I have only seen the MM and it is a good size imo
  6. I haven't seen these IRL, but they aren't really doing it for me in the pictures....may need to grow on me a little.
  7. I saw the MM and the GM compared IRL.............The GM is a bit larger
  8. The GM is much much bigger than MM. I think luvmybags got pics on GM on her in another thread. Whereas the MM (which I got) is really a modest size. I was really tempted to get GM as I am into big bags as I could dump my stuff easily but I have one saleya GM already. :yes: