Anyone own a Partition bag?

  1. I am SO behind in my Bal threads since I went away on holiday and then spent many hours cheating on my Bal-friends in the H forum and now I feel like I need to do some serious catching up!
    Anyways- I saw the Partition bag for the first time IRL today and found it totally funky. I loved the convertability and it looked fantastic in the Mogano and Ivory. Does anyone have one and can you post pics of you wearing it? I'm debating crossing over into a new style...and this seems unique enough to be the one, maybe...
  2. I don't own one myself, but I love the style.
    I think LP has it in Mogano.

    It's like a cool version of 40's lady-like purse and I really wanted it, but I decided that it's not as practical as moto bags...for me(weight and single strap).

    That doesn't stop me from wanting one, though:p
  3. Stylefly, I agree with you! I LOVE this bag. :drool:
  4. I am new here and bought this bag without knowing what style it is. It is my first Balenciaga. Bought it on sale at Nordies Rack for $599. I chose this over the black whistle bag, although I also like that one.
    BalenciagaPartition1.JPG BalenciagaPartition2.JPG BalenciagaPartition3.JPG BalenciagaPartition4.JPG BalenciagaPartition6.JPG
  5. ^^Welcome!! Your Partition is very nice =)
  6. OMG... this is the first time I have seen this Bbag. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks! I love that I got 2 bags in one with this. It was really an impulse buy for me since it is final sale, no return/exchanges, but I really love it! Now I have to read more here to find out how to take care of it.
  8. I have it also and I :love: it. The leather is fantastic, and the style is so versatile. It's super-ladylike when it's folded up, and nice and funky and big when expanded. Here are a couple of pics of mine.


    Where did you see it, btw? I was just helping another PFer track one down, and I told her I'd seen a bunch at Holt Renfrew Vancouver, but they kept telling her they hadn't ordered them (which annoyed me no end, since I saw them there in person!)
  9. I love that brown color! I saw mine at Nordstrom Rack in Sacramento, but it is the only one left. Yes, I love that it has a vintage look and lady-like when folded and also looked cool when it is the big version. There is a smaller version of this bag left there, the same camel color like mine but it is the style that looks like our bag folded up.
  10. ^^^ I think that's the Partition Clutch...ICB saw them IRL at BalNY.
  11. Thanks bagdizzy. It looks pretty IRL too.
  12. The Partition Clutch is more square and but still has that same framed structure...all of them are gorgeous!
  13. does anyone know if the partition bag is made in italy like the motorcycle bags? i was looking at one the other day and it doesn't have the same silver label where it says 'made in italy' at the back so i was just wondering if the non-motos are manufactured elsewhere.