Anyone own a Nylon Hampton Weekend Bag?

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  1. I want one for spring summer, but getting dizzy looking at all the eBay auctions, some with the same measurements have longer handles, some have the 4" drop,,,,,were there alot of sizes? I know of the mini, small and med. but some of the mini ones on eBay have different handle drop sizes.

    Thanks for any info.:confused1:
  2. This one?
    This is serial 1894...I believe it's a size up from the mini.
    This has a 7" drop from the under-side of the leather handle, to the top of the bag. (do you know how long it took me to find a tape measure?!)


  3. ^ :smile: I have two sizes... a mini & a weekender tote... I will post pics in a bit and try to take measurements for you... Dewey - I need to measure, but I think mine is even smaller than yours!! The mini I have is from a few years ago - the weekender tote is from last year's outlet line....

    I'll be back with some info:cool:
  4. Yeah, I believe this one is one step UP from the mini...I'm not even sure what year this style came out...I bought it last summer off eBay...and I'm sure it was a prior years style. Maybe summer 05?
  5. Thanks to you all, Dewey I love that one on you too!!
  6. Okay... two sizes, the bigger weekender, the smaller mini. Sorry dewey... I didn't read your post right... the small one I have is definately smaller.

    Bigger purple tote: 10 inch drop, measures 17 inches long x 10 inches high

    Smaller blue tote: 4 inch drop, measures 11? inches long x 6 inches high... I may have measured the small one wrong or that is to the widest point... that seems too long...

    Sorry for the mess, I just took them out of the storage area and threw them on my vanity seat... :shame:

    And where are my manners - tote looks adorable on you Dewey!!! I love the green!! I just barge in... then barge right back out again... LOL...
    twototes2.jpg twototes1.jpg
  7. Thanks Dewey and Bubbles, I have to decide between the mini like Bubbles has or the green size one Dewey has, decisions Thanks so much you guys...

    Oh and Dewey I was thinking of listing some old bags for ebay and could not for the life of me find a tape measure, so ended up using my daughters 6" ruler, not the best for trying to measure a bag.
  8. lol - no worries bubbles! (Love that weekender!)

    coachnut - the mini, in my opinion, is REALLY small. if you can deal with a hand bag only...go for it...but I opted for one size up so that I could put it over my shoulder.
  9. Dewey after going through pages and pages of weekenders I think I will look for the one like you have....or I could get I do like handhelds, but now that I am using my legacy it is nice to beable to put it on my shoulder or on my arm..
    I was looking at the coach way back machine, wow what beautiful bags coach used to have I wish they still made.
  10. Yes... I agree... the mini is teenie... I am thinking of handing it down to my 12 year old niece... or making it a makeup bag if she doesn't seem interested. (She's still in a tomboy phase, but is slowly coming over to the dark side.) :smile: I bought it when I was a youngin' and didn't have to carry half of my house with me... now I don't even think my wallet would fit in there...:graucho:
  11. Bubbles I really do like the mini, last summer I used a small handheld, I think it was The Sak. Makeup bag sounds good though!! I have so much stuff that I put a small basket by my table, putting a coach bag next to the table filled with goodies sounds even better!!

    Now that I want a bag and am willing to spend the money I am only seeing a pink or maybe a black on ebay.
  12. I only have the black weekender. It's huge! I got it for a good price at the outlets last year though so I'm not complaining!
  13. I saw them everywhere last year, and none this year, I am at the mercy of Ebay.

    I also like the Chelsea Pebbled tote in white....cost alot more though.
  14. Good luck to you coachnut! I think the Med is a perfect size. Hope you find one you like.