Anyone own a MJ Flat Case?

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  1. Melly had one "in her bag" in the color natural.
    I really like the looks of this little leather clutch/case.

    just some questions for those who have one and are
    using it right now...

    Do you find the leather to be durable?
    Is the nameplate durable, or does it show scratches and wear easily?
    Do you think it is worth the money?
    Do you ever use it as a clutch?
  2. I have one in Smoky Quartz.

    The leather is durable, I use it as a clutch often, I paid $180 for it with thepursestore code so it was worth it, and I haven't had it long enough to comment on the nameplate.
  3. I should have put in the title "palais royale".

    I also think the quilted flat case (w/ the pleat) is such a cutie clutch.
    I haven't seen one IRL. I also like the Eugenie!!
  4. ^Love the Eugenie especially in dark grey. Are you thinking of getting the flat case or the Eugenie?
  5. Love the Eugenie also... the gray or CT are my favorite.
  6. I too am a fan of the Eugenie. I don't know why I feel the need for a clutch, probably b/c I have so many big bags. Plus the price point for the clutches is fantastic... Which one do you think would hold more, the flat clutch or the Eugenie?
  7. ^ probably the flat clutch since the eugenie folds over and i think the clutch is bigger in general. i love the eugenie too. so cute. the quilted flat clutch is great. it came in a bunch of lovely colors. i wanted to buy it as my makeup bag, but it was a bit too big.
  8. a quilted flat clutch, huh? im drawing a blank...what does it look like?
  9. i want one in blue too.....the palais royal.... thankd for letting me know it's bigger than the eugenie, i've wanted one for so long but if the flat case is bigger, i'd rather go that way, i need a smaller bag especially since i just sold my mayfair, which i wasn't a huge fan off anyway, i will get one during the sales
  10. it's flat, quilted, and had a little trompe l'oeil pushlock on the front. also had two peats going down the front. very cute, but kind of big. i think it came out for fall 07 because i remember seeing it in the berry. i'll show you on saturday if they have it. ;) still crossing my fingers for no rain!
  11. me too girl! ugh, i cant wait! :biggrin:
    believe it or not, and this may be weird, but i actually had a dream about the flat case last night...
  12. 1. Granted I haven't had my flat cases too long but I do think they are fairly durable.

    2. I don't have one with me but I believe the nameplate is leather so it wears at the same rate as the rest of the clutch.

    3. I use them quite a bit (especially the natural one) so I do think they are worth the money. I have to admit though I purchased both of them on sale.

    4. I use the large black one as a clutch and the smaller natural one more as a cosmetic bag.

    I'll try to post pictures tonight so you can see the size comparisons. :smile:
  13. ^ haha! you're having mj dreams now?! which case was it? the palais or the quilted one?
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