anyone own a michele csx 36? or any michele watches?

  1. i was thinking about getting the michele csx in 36 w.o diamonds..
    any experiences with this watch?
    do you guys have any problems?
    love or hate? worth buying?
  2. I have a Michele Deco without diamonds and a CSX 36 with diamonds. I bought the Deco myself but got the CSX as a present from my aunt and uncle. I've never had problems with either one- I bang the Deco around and it still works perfectly and looks new. I think they are a little pricey but I got my Deco on eBay for $300. It was practically brand new and covered under its warranty still so I saved about half. And it seems like you're looking to buy on Jomashop, so you'll definitely be saving money!

    I really love my Michele watches. I especially like being able to change the bands- I think I have 10 different colors now!
  3. i have the csx 36 with diamonds and LOVE it! I wear it all the time.. Its a bit heavy at first but you will get used to it and love it.. I barely feel mine now.
  4. I have 2 one w/ diamonds one w/out I love both of them I have had them for about 3 years never had a problem.
  5. I love my csx 36 with diamonds. I got it on eBay for several hundered under retail. I actually had a problem with it, the cute M know on the side came off. I'm sorry I have a blank about what it's called. I mailed it off to the Michele service center in Miami. They fixed it and it came back beautifully polished and serviced in a very short time. I have several watches that I love, but I would recommend the Michele for sure!
  6. I have 2 Michele watches. My most recent purchase is the white/gold ceramic deco watch. I love it. I get so many compliments on it. I bought the pink seahorse watch 3 years ago. I also love it. I have had no problems.
  7. I have the csx 36 w/out diamonds with a metal band. i looooove it. i have had it for about 6 years now. mine has the light blue face because it is from when they offered pink,blue or lime green. i would definitely get this watch. i ALWAYS get compliments on it. i also just purchased the mini urban in yellow gold with diamonds and i love this one too. but i definitely recommend the csx!!!! i hope this helps :tup:
  8. where is the best place to get one? how is joma shop?
  9. i love the fact i can change the bands to match my outfits..
  10. how are the bands on eBay? i saw that they sell sets for pretty cheap, they are not "michele," but i don't want to spend too much on a band.

    do they have rubber watch bands. i would love an orange one!! that doesn't look cheap..
  11. I have the Michele MW2 watch. I love it; it's got nice sparkles, but isn't WAAAAY out there. It just looks like an updated classic.

    I would be careful of the 'non' Michele watch straps available. I have heard about the color staining your skin when it gets sweaty. I know the straps are expensive, but they are genuine alligator and really pretty!
  12. I wouldn't buy the non-Michele bands on ebay. One of my friends bought a few from different sellers- they irritated her skin and the colors bled. You can get Michele bands on ebay for pretty cheap. I got my hot pink alligator one on ebay for $50, which isn't that bad considering they're $180 plus tax in the stores. If you can stalk ebay for them you'll find some good deals.
  13. I have 2 michele watches (deco with diamonds and fleur extreme) both are very fun and great. I have never had a problem and i have had the Deco for three years. here are my two

    extreme fleur

  14. I just got the CSX 36 without diamonds in the stainless steel bracelet. I love it - it's the perfect size - not huge and manly, but not small and too dainty either. I highly recommend it!
  15. I am hoping to get mine at tourneau. Just pick a place with good service. You can ask them for a lower price, I think. So just mention the Jomashop prices and tourneau should be able to go down.