Anyone own a Matt & Nat bag?

  1. I decided I wanted to try a Matt & Nat bag because in my heart of hearts I am an animal lover but I got a bag from them today and so far (it's been a few hours) I don't love it. Here is a link to the purse I got from Luna Boston:

    Luna Boston | Jorja Fox Large Hobo Bag Details

    I miss the smell of real leather. This has a really funky smell that I don't like at all. Will this scent go away? Also the bag is really big and heavy with nothing in it. I normally picture the size of a bag better than this.

    I don't think I've ever had a bag (other than nylon or fabric) that wasn't real leather before. I have 14 days to decide but my first instinct is to send this bag back.

    Anyone else have any experience with this brand? The worst part (for the animal lover in me) is I think I would like this same bag if it was made from real leather. Peggy
  2. I had one, and returned it. I think some of their bags are cute, but to be honest, I am just a little less than honorable about feeling bad for the cows. If you can get past the smell(which I think will longer long, as it is synthetic), you may be good to go.
  3. I actually have the exact same bag. The smell on synthetic bags usually goes away pretty quickly and unlike leather doesn't present itself back in full form when it rains or gets wet. Smelling like chemical cow is so less appealing to me.
  4. i dont' have the bag, but i have the zippy coin/card holder. i really like it, and it was really cheap. A friend of mine bought a bag from there and the zipper fell off. that is two different perspectives...i don't know it depends on you iguess
  5. eh.. If you decide to return it, Lunaboston is really good about returns.

    Personally, I wouldn't pay $125 for a pvc bag that I'm not happy with.
  6. I don't like pvc bags. If you don't want leather, why not try a canvas bag??
  7. I did send the bag back to Luna Boston. I just didn't love it and that was really reason enough.

    I am an animal lover but I still have alot of leather bags. I will live with being a hypocrite.

    I have to say that I thought the Matt & Nat bag seemed very well made - the stitching was beautiful as well as the hardware. Peggy