Anyone own a mandara pm?

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  1. I tried one on at LV, and I find the edges of the straps quite sharp. Anyone own one and do u like it?:flowers:
  2. Do you mean the Epi mandara? I have a red epi MM and it's a really comfortable shoulder bag, the strap stays up and you can get heaps in it. Plus mine was in a rainstorm and the water just wipes off it.:smile:
  3. Rainstorm?:wtf: Didn't the inside get wet since there is no zipper? Do you find the edges of the straps sharp?
  4. the epi mandara is a very practical bag and the bigger the size more better it is...:yes:
  5. The MM I have stays closed pretty tight with the button clasp so it was still dry inside ( I was hurrying to get out of the rain as fast as i could though.) I don't feel the strap at all, it's a very comfortable bag to carry.
  6. I have the mandara pm and i find the strap is fine. maybe the strap is more rigid when it's new but the leather does get softer after time. hope this helps.
  7. I have the myrtille pm and it is a comfortable shoulder bag. It is my rain bag because the water just wipes off easily.