Anyone own a Maisey ?

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  1. Hey everyone I just purchased the Maisey crossbody and really love it. Was just wondering if anyone else had it and how well there's was holding up? I've had issues with my Tory bags in the past and am hoping this one may be different..
    Heres a picture of my bag on and the one from the website. Also did anyone try on the Maisey tote? It looks super adorbs online but I haven't seen one in store yet.
    IMG_7976.jpg TB_22129743_001.jpg
  2. I fell in love with this bag last night in the store and had them hold it for me. Am going back after work to get it! It's gorgeous! This will be my first Tory bag, so I have high hopes for it :biggrin:
  3. I like this bag but thinking to get it in Black or Moonstone (Blue) ;P