Anyone own a LV Abbesses messenger??

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  1. Hi there everyone! :heart: I'm looking for some opinions on the Abbesses messenger.... I bought one a few months ago in London for £615 (about $1200) and i've used is regularly but i'm starting to regret buying it :crybaby::s
    I think it's just the shape of the bag, I think i'm tired of "traditional flap messengers". I'm a guy and soooooo many guys I see have thses type of bags. They look too much like a laptop bag. Or is the Abbesses made for a laptop?? :wtf: And I also don't like how it sits on my hip. When it's quite empty the bag bends around my hip and looks terrible and then it is full is sticks out and is awkward to carry as it keeps bouncing. I'm now considering selling it for something else (probably a handheld bag instead)

    Thanks guys :tup: hope to hear some opinions :heart:
  2. I agree, I think the Abesses is quite weird.

    It is REALLY conventional, and most guys that carry bags carry something like this. I really like handheld bags, but they do tent to make you uncomfortable after a while. They can get to heavy and your hands might get tired.
    I would go for something like a shoulder bag, a tote, or maybe another style of messenger, like Naviglio in Azur.
  3. i've got an Abbesses and i've had it since 2002. i think its a great basic bag for everyday. i do understand what you mean about how it sits on your hip. i rarely use it half-empty so it doesn't do that wrap-around thing. when its full, i carry it slung more towards the back at an angle than to my side. but i guess if it doesn't feel right for you, then it's not meant to be. im sure you'll find the perfect one soon ;)
  4. I have the Abbesses! It's nice, I also have the Bosphore PM when I don't need a huge bag!

  5. Thanks!! Yeah I guess as i have got more and more into carrying bags i'm just getting tired of the messenger bags. I think a tote would be good for me. I also have a Prada messenger but it also has handles to it can be carried in the hand and i find it perfect!! I alternate between carrying it in my hand and across my body :tup:
  6. Thank you! :tup: Yeah i'm glad you know what I mean about the wrap around thing. I guess i'm going to look for something else.
  7. What about the Bosphore Sac. It has the handles and it's like a briefcase?
  8. Oh yeah :idea: I totally forgot about the Bosphore Sac. Thanks! :tup: Anyone know how much it is? The LV site doesn't seem to be working properly at the mo :confused1:
  9. I have the Abbesses messenger but i tend to only use it if im travelling somewhere by train or plane,as it's perfect for carrying tickets,passports and a pashmina, it also matches my luggage.My male friends use it daily and if it's not full i have noticed it does tend to fold around their body but i still think it looks great on them.
  10. I know what you mean about the Abbesses, that is why in the end I didn't go through with buying it; as much as i wanted to!
    If you already have a messenger style bag (i.e. the Prada one) I wouldn't hesitate to change the Abbesses for something else, like a handheld bag. It's more contemporary and gives you more variety/different look.
  11. would be getting this bag for my next purchase.

  12. Hey thanks for the advice! :tup: Yes i'm going to look at a different style bag. I like the Bosphore Sac but I don't think it's different enough from the Abbesses. I will probably sell it on ebay but I checked on (as i'm living in the UK) a while ago to see what they were selling for and they were all fakes!! :cursing: :yucky: 100% of them were fake! And selling for over £100 ($200 ish). I paid £615 for mine and it's still in great condition so I want a proper price for it! :yes:
  13. LOL - That just shows how different we all are - The only city bags I carry are messengers like Abbesses - LV Abbesses, Bastille, Victor - they are just for me. They are very roomy and also good to have on plane travels to keep all the small but important things in them
  14. so i used to have the same dilemma. the bag is also a bit uncomfortable for me due to the whole big flap thing.. especially when you have to open it and youre in a hurry.... whatever. after not using it for 5 months other than a couple of times, i finally discovered that i really love it. Empty or overflowing full, the bag is better worn towards the back and not so much to the sides since the whole bouncing is inevitable. Maybe if you shorten the strap it can help. It helped me.

    best of luck.
    give it a try before you sell it.
    you might end up regretting it.
  15. This used to be a bag I obsessed about, then as I moved away from my messenger bag phase and into totes, I don't really like it anymore.