anyone own a Longchamp bag

  1. Anyone own this bag? What is the quality of this brand?

    Do you use the bag as an everyday bag?
  2. Ooh, I have one! I have a large black nylon bag with tan handles and a zip top. It is perfect for rainy weather and extremely durable. I love it!
  3. I have a simple midsize black bag and those are perfect for rainy weather^. The bags from the latest collections are usually leather and quite good quality.
  4. i have the le pliage totally love love it :smile: they are my bag when i dont want to carry premier desinger bags. I have 3 Le Pliage in different colors. they are totally washable too and foldable. I bring them when i travel, and i put my designer bag inside before i put it on the e-ray thing
  5. I have a black leather tote. It has held up for several years. Love the bag.
  6. I don't own any myself but I have always heard from others that they are a great value for the money and are well-made.
  7. kaka, you wash your pliage totes??? how?? i have an orange one that's looking a little shabby....technique, please??

    i have 2 pliage totes and one leather bag....i'm *really* impressed by all of them. the leather bag i've had for probably 5 years, it's amazing - still looks brand spanking new, not a scratch on it, and it was my daily bag for many months. the same style is still made, which is something else i like about won't always feel like you're a season behind.
  8. i looove my les pliages bags! i have three. one medium black one, one small taupe one, and one xsmall black one with thicker nylon. they hold up EXTREMELY well and surprisingly fit a large amount of stuff in them! i am always amazed at how much i can cram into my xsmall bag. i use them for traveling mostly, or my xsmall one for bar nights, when we're not going somewhere especially swanky and i know i'm going to get drunk and clumsy :p
  9. I have the black leather backpack and totally love it!
  10. I have the Bi-color hobo in leather and it is very sturdy-love it!:wlae:
  11. I have a black Le Pliage and I think the quality is great.
  12. I had a few of these Le Pliage bags for university... really nice, but not enough pockets. I ended up selling them and now I'm using George Gina & Lucy bags for university :yes:
  13. i love my small black le pliage bag. i think it's starting to get little tears on the corners though from overuse! that's how much i love it!
  14. i have a pliage tote. it's so durable and has lasted through very heavy use as a school bag for 4 or 5 years. it's also perfect for travel.
  15. i have the medium purple one. it's very durable and i used it as my travel bag in europe. the leather section is getting worn but i seriously took this bag with me everywhere. plus it folds flat which helps when youre travelling =)