Anyone own a Kooba Harper or Jackie?

  1. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone owns a Kooba Harper or Jackie.. and if you do... any pics?? Thanks! :shame:
  2. Here's Hubby modeling Jackie for you. He's 6'2 and around 240. Jackie's a lovely bag. Hope this helps!
    JackieRudy.jpg JackieRudy1.jpg JackieA.jpg
  3. Thanks Grace, this does help, except that I am getting the Harper, which I know is a smaller version of the Jackie... I'm a little concerned cuz I haven't seen it IRL... I asked a lady from the customer service @ Revolve and she said that I could use it as a shoulder bag also, but I'm not sure if i'll be able to cuz it doesn't look like the handles are long enough... :crybaby:... cross your fingers and I hope I will end up liking it! :confused1:
  4. The handles on the Harper are a little too short for a shoulder bag IMO. I'm on the little side and the Harper barely fits over my shoulder, I'm 5'3, 119 lbs and pretty slender in the arm & shoulder area. I used to have one in Cuoio but I like shoulder bags and this one did not fit comfortably on my shoulder. You will love it anyway, because it is gorgeous.