Anyone own a Kooba Elisha?

  1. I love the looks of this bag! Very feminine. While the tie wrap is pretty, I wonder if it's a pain when it comes to opening and closing the bag. Do you have to untie and tie it back everytime you open the bag? Can it be tied loose enough to avoid that process. Does the bag look good if the bow is tied loosely? Anyone have this bag and can you tell me if it's easy to use? I love a bag with a large opening. This seems to be the case with the Elisha, but since I haven't actually seen one and tried it out for myself, I can't be certain.

  2. I always thought I "didn't like" Kooba bags- until I saw this one !!!! Now I have GOT TO have one !!!!! I'm anxious to hear how everyone likes theirs !!!
  3. It's very easy to get in and out of. I suppose it can be loosened to open up the opening but I haven't done it since it's just right for me. The bag is snapped shut. You don't untie the bow at all.

    The leather on this bag is so soft and almost looks like suede from afar. It is truly a beautiful bag...even if it wasn't a Kooba.


  4. This is my favorite new Kooba for sure! Should I assume they haven't been faked yet? I see one on eBay that I am interested in...
  5. I saw both yesterday at Nordstroms and must say I prefer her little sister, Bonnie, a more manageable size for me personally.

    Both are very feminine for a Kooba, a rather nice change from the studded Bohemian look of past.
  6. I love her! I can't decide if I want her, the Devin, or the Bonnie right now ...
  7. Another fan of the Elisha here! I do keep looking at the Devin too, wondering if one might be better than the other. Hopefully I will be able to see them at Nordie's this weekend! :graucho:
  8. Tell me about the Bonnie SalesRep. What bag can you compare it to in size? Is it tiny (like a going out evening bag)? I plan on loosening the bow so I can stretch out the top (I like that look).
    My eBay guy says my Bonnie isn't in yet but soon I suspect.
  9. I know on my Devin the bow really isn't any tighter than the actual opening of the bag and the Elisha looks pretty much the same. I'm not sure I would even want to fool around with the bow at risk of it looking awful when I got through with it.
  10. The bow is just decoration, you don't need to play with it all. I had the devin for a day before I returned it because the strap was a little too wide to stay on my shoulder. I was sad about it though because it was a luscious bag. When I returned it to NM, a guy did the return for me and he kept leaning over to smell the bag and commenting on how he loved the smell of great leather. Honestly, he did it about 5 times during the transaction and each time leaned over, closed his eyes and breathed it in deeply. I would have been funny to me except I knew just how he felt! The leather is wonderful and it is the same leather on the Elisha! Good choice!
  11. I was wondering what the size was like on the Bonnie, as well. I found some pics on eBay. It looks like a good size - much bigger than I expected!


  12. ^^ very cute!! that red actually looks RED.
  13. OMG that Bonnie is ADORABLE! I want it.
  14. Oh! Oh~ thank you for posting those Bonnie pics!!! Now I see that I must have one!!!
  15. Thank You KTRKate!!!! I actually saw those listing of surf*goddess and saw they were 275 but didn't click to see the pics because I thought they would be stock photos. It's gonna be alright! Nice small bag but not tiny. It's so darn cute!