Anyone own a Juicy couture bag

  1. I own a couple of the tracksuits and im thinking about getting a bag. This one to be exact....

    Does anyone have it? How much does it fit in? Are they pretty good quality? Would this be too young looking for a 17year old?

    Thanks in advance!:tup:
  2. I own one JC bag but it's not the same in the link you gave. I saw it in store but I don't like the feel of towel in the bag... Maybe I am too old.

    To be honest, JC bag quality is not good as the other brands compare from the money that you have to spend.

    Anyway, if you like it, go ahead and get one. I think it look cute on the teens. I'll start my 3 soon but still have one!! :nuts:
  3. Hi! I have 3 Juicys. 2 bowling bags and 1 daydreamer.
    I dont use them at all now, my little sis has taken over since I got into LV.
    My oldest one is a black bowly with vintage juicy couture on, the black velour has faded really badly even though it has been kept out of the sun.
    I got my other bowly with pom poms and a gorgeous charm on in october and the colour is still vibrant on that.
    The only thing with my daydreamer is that its pink and the corners have got very dirty, and i have no idea how to clean them!

    The bowlys are great for everyday bags and they have 2 inside pockets and a zip, the daydreamer fits LOADS!!

    I like Juicys but i think they are nice just for casual fun days!
  4. I don't have any Juicy bags, but they sure are cute. My daughter likes them. I was thinking of buying her a tote at T.J. Maxx the other day.
  5. I have a daydreamer and used to like it a lot, but right now it just gets used when I go to the beach. I think the quality is fine, but you definately can outgrow juicy fast.
  6. I love juicy bags but I really hate their velour collection - well its just got to the point where most of their items are just downright silly with all those juicy wording and all (of course age also plays as a factor here)
    I have a day dreamer, but I have never used it - I just can't seem to put it together with my outfits.
    I have several Juicy bags, but they are all leather - their leather is gorgeous and I really like them as they are cute but are not as loud as the velour ones..

    But since you are 17 - I say go for it! This bag is small -medium size (I have a similar one in leather) and it can hold a lot of stuff - it will definitely keep all your essentials together.
  7. i don't personally like the quality of juciy goods. i own one of their charm bracelets and the second day after purchasing a charm it broke, and the store would not take back "broken merchandise!" it was completely absurd...i had to superglue it and now i am terrified to wear it! i do own a juicy clutch though which has actually been really good for me, it's leather and nothing on it has broken and it has been over a year. i don't own any juciy terry cloth though so i am not sure what you should expect from it.
  8. That bag is cute and if you are in your teens you can carry off just about anything so why not?

    I have a couple that are pretty understated (don't say "juicy" on them except for a leather J on the back side of the bag). I don't carry them much anymore b/c they are small and I've been getting into bigger bags this past year.
  9. My teenage daughter has quite a collection of Juicy Bags. They are adorable and fun and she just loves them. She mostly has the terrycloth bags, and they are tough for her to keep clean. She also has a gorgeous Baby Fluffy in chocolate brown leather. This is a beautiful bag. I am a more "mature" lady, and I actually own one leather bag that is one of my favorite bags. The leather is scrumptious, and it is very age appropriate for me. I find the quality of these bags to be great.
  10. I love Juicy bags! I've had three Daydreamers (love these!!!), three of the huge totes before they stopped making them in velour, canvas ones, courderoy ones, etc. I personally think all of them have held up extremely well. I'm 23, so I can't wear them for much longer, if at all (well) now, lol. But they have been real troopers, so I say go for it!
  11. I only have one Juicy bag. But it's more of a clutch. It's leather and has the metal "Juicy Couture" banner across the front.

    I love it, and get lots of compliments on it. I think it was a little expensive ($150), but it seems to be good quality so far.
  12. I owned one of them years ago and outgrew it within 6 months. I think that they're just very trendy. Great for younger people but nothing that has real staying power.
  13. I think you picked a cute bag, great for age 17. cheers!
  14. I have a few but they're older styles (like from when JC first created their bag line). I got a couple of bowlers for when I travel and they're great for that purpose. Here are mine.
  15. That's crazy, I know Nordstrom's has an amazing return policy, next time (if there is one) you should deal with them instead. :yes: