Anyone own a Hermes coat?

  1. I tried one on today, and I loved it, but it costs almost as much as a Kelly (about $5.5K). It also costs twice as much as the Prada one I was thinking of. What do you gals think?
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  2. hmmm maybe I am silly, but I will always pick purses over clothing. I am the type that get tired of clothing too easily. :shrugs:
  3. Oh, probably don't have pics of these two beauties, do you? I'd love to see both so I could honestly give my opinion......however, since I believe in Hermes quality and superb attention to detail and craftsmanship, I'd probably say to get the Hermes coat if you could afford it. Might last longer than the Prada coat too....
  4. That's a good point too, Fesdu.....if it's either coat OR bag then I'll always vote for the bag. But, if it's NOT....if you can have both a bag AND the coat then go for it!
  5. huh? prada coats don't last long? are you serious cuz i have my eye on a beautiful anorak that i spotted on aug's marie claire. tia!:amuse:
  6.,no,no I didn't mean Prada coats don't last long....I'm sure they do........ I just meant that maybe the Hermes coat would last longer?
  7. oh ok. thanks!:flowers:
  8. i do. and frankly it is one of the best investments mine is a cashmere sil mix in black fllor length army style and 4 seasonss old . really i do buy hermès pap over any other fashionable designer cause they never look dated while on a chanel or prada jacket a lot of people can point oit "oh it is spring summer 2004 collection" and of course the quality is perfect
  9. No coats in Florida. I will live through all of you.
  10. Wow! a coat, does anyone have photos??
  11. I agree. And maybe the coat will eventually go on sale? :wlae:
  12. I have an Hermes cashmere coat I purchased two years ago. It is wonderful and so very soft, It is also reversible with black on one side and camel on the other. Kind of practical for Hermes. Here it is:
  13. I have two of the Hermes quilted jackets that are wonderful, go everywhere jackets. Two raincoats, one lime green, one tan. And finally one silk scarf jacket "Face au Large" in muted pink, & peach colors, it is reversabe to a soft pink on the other side. But no winter jackets as yet.
  14. Christy, your coat is gorgeous. :heart: I would always chose a bag over clothes too. But an Hermes coat would be an investment. You would wear it forever so I'd get it. :yes:
  15. Oh Christy, I love your coat!! Do you think you can give an approximation of how much something like that would cost? I would LOVE to have something similar but have never really looked into Hermes clothing before.