Anyone own a Grenat? Please help!

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  1. I received my grenat Part Time from Gretta Luxe yesterday. I love the color and the leather but at the edges of the bag the leather doesn't seem to have taken the dye very good. Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone know how to fix it? I can't return it because it was all sales final! Here are some pics.


  2. I had seen the tassles being this way with this color but not the edges.:shrugs:
  3. I have a grenat city from BalNY - mine is also similar. If you do a search for "white edges" on this board, you will see that others have also had this question. At first, I thought it was specific to grenat, but I pored over many, many B-bag pics, and I have seen quite a few bags with this issue. At one point, I even had a powerpoint file of all of the pictures to compare them! It is more noticeable on a jewel tone like grenat or bordeaux rather than the lighter colors. When I first got my bag, it bothered me immensely, but I love the leather otherwise so I kept it. As I've used my bag more and more, I don't even notice it any more. To me, the beauty of Balenciaga lies in the distressed, variable nature of the leather. If it bothers you tremendously, you could talk to some handbag repair shops (like Lovin My Bags or the leather shop in NY that several girls here have used) to see if there is something they can do - but I think re-dyeing the bag would be the only thing they could do. I think I read that someone with a black B-bag used a black sharpie to color hers! However, it would be harder to find a marker that matched the grenat exactly. Also, if you look at the edges that have been dyed more thoroughly, the edges are a brighter red than the body of the bag, so either way, you will notice the edges - they will either be white or bright red.
  4. My Grenat purse was like that one of the reasons I returned it (along w/ a few others) I have a Grenat box now and it's perfect
  5. Oh.. interesting, I had similar problem with the Bordeaux color. But it is on the bottom. About a quarter size, and it was darken. I didnt return it, though!
  6. I have the same problem with my mens-day in bown.
    The cutsides of the leather is very light not coloured but i don`tmind.
    only the leather is so very thin an veiny. The 2005 leather is better for me more smoothie and soft but the shine is al gone.

    Good Luck with your new one i would keep it the colour is great.:yahoo:

    byby FX:heart:
  7. Thanks everyone! I really LOVE the color and the leather is really great. I am a perfectionist and little things like that just stand out to me but I think I can live with it.