Anyone Own A Greige Day?

  1. I am trying to talk myself out of buying one........Anyone have one? Any issues with color rub off from your clothes?

  2. I have a griege city and so far I have had no problems.
  3. Greige is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. It's a very versatile colour and goes with practically everything! Buy it! LOL. I'm such bad influence... Hee.
  4. I have Greige city and have carried it for 3 weeks now. It just gets more and more beautiful. It's such a little chameleon too. I really LOVE greige.
  5. We're not great at talking people *out* of purchases, are we ;)
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. No. LOL :lol: I just can't talk anyone out of a Greige. I think the color is just stunning. It reminds me of marble. So gorgeous!:love:
  8. I have a greige Twiggy and Money wallet (use as a clutch). I love the color (which surprised me because I am not one for the lighter Bbag colors but this one is such a great neutral!) and have not had any color transfer issues. I wear it with jeans mainly. I bet the Day would be fantastic in that color. I would love to see a pic if you end up getting one. Good luck!

    By the way.... I LOVE your Siamese!!!!!! (I have one and I absolutely love their coloring and blue eyes)
  9. Worry not, my dear. Lenabler will try to talk you into buying one.

    You need a Greige Day!
  10. Where do I start - Of the 8 reply's, not ONE of you has even attempted to talk me out of it :lol: .

    You think it helps to hear how greige is almost the perfect neutral and it would look fantastic in a day bag???

    Of course, I would expect this type of behavior from Ms Lenabler (Le_Junkie), there is a reason you have that knickname, you know ;)

    And Goldensx5 - that's my "baby" ...He's 18 years old and still thinks he's a kitten...don't you love how they talk to you?
  11. I don't own a day but I do have a greige city...the color is GORGEOUS, and the leather on it is to die for :yes: I say go for it!! :rolleyes: hehehe!
  12. I just bought a greige purse from the lovely addictedtobags. I am so excited!! I think it would be an awesome addition to your collection.
  13. YES! I bought one, but it's still on lay-away. I love the photos of it though! Can't wait to get it. It looks so casually-elegant, if that makes any sense. i'm very excited about this bag. Definitely do it.

    BTW I never thought I'd buy a Day bag, as I thought I'd forever be a City/Work girl. The Greige is what sold me I think.

    Oh, just to tempt you even more, here's the photo that was sent to me of my bag! Drool! :love:
  14. Greige City here too.....'works for me! It's neutral but a nice change from beige, black and browns....go for it!
    (you didn't really think I'd try and talk you out of this, did you?!) LOL

    Jasperella you must be in Oz too...nice to know Cult Status takes laybys. ;)
  15. Jasperella - Why, Why, Why did you have to post that might have pushed me over the edge :flowers:

    And of course, Katrinaofoz (and mother to my favorite fur baby) - I should have known Ms Le_Junkie's partner in B bag crime would be right behind her to add her two cents :lol:

    I'm caving........