Anyone own a french purse wallet and koala wallet?

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  1. Can someone who owns a french purse and a koala wallet post pictures of them side by side, together, etc? Im trying to decide between these two! THX
  2. me! here's my pic.
    i just got the french purse!
    which colour are you getting? :tup:
    vertical wallets.jpg wallets.jpg IMAGE_033.jpg
  3. Thx, they're both gorgeous. Im not sure about which color yet. I was thinking just mono but I really like the vernis! So elegant looking. Which do you like better (FP or koala)? Whichever one I buy Ill probably be using for a long time with all my bags.
  4. i have the mono, get it! they said that when the clasp gets all dinged up,you could get it changed for free
  5. aww, they are beautiful! awww, cheery and snow white:yahoo:
  6. This is for the koala wallet right? Im torn between both of these! I was leaning toward the FP but then i saw a koala in person and loved it. I also like the length of the PTI but it's just too big for me overall.
  7. orangetree, is it hard to keep the white vernis clean? the white is so beautiful but i know it'd drive me nuts if it got scuffed/dirty in my bag!
  8. i prefer the koala. more slots and with a ID window. But i like the clasp of coin compartment of the french purse.

    vernis white is actually quite easy to maintain... just stay away from materials that transfer colour! I have no problem at all putting it in my bag with the rest of my stuff (organiser, phone, pouch etc). and no scars at all!

    aquablueness, thanks for the compliment! :heart:
  9. Personally, I love the look of the Koala. It's so chic.
  10. I personally find the koala too wide. But then again, I'm used to smaller wallets and was having trouble finding an LV wallet. I'm personally really leaning toward a FP, it looks so sophisticated!

    Also, the amarante FP has 8 CC slots!
  11. i have a damier koala and i love it. recently i thought about a vernis FP but realized i wont use the coin compartment because i use my damier cles for coins...
  12. i love the french purse!!