Anyone own a Damier Duomo? Opinions needed!!!

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  1. Any Duomo owners out there?

    I would like to know the cons of this bag!

    Is it too heavy?
    Is it okay for everyday usage?
    Is it hard to get stuff in and out?
    Is it a stiff bag?

    And last but no least---

    Is this considered for more "mature" women? ( old lady bag? lol!)

    I'm almost 21.


    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I love my duomo and don't find it heavy at all. It's a great "bash around" bag as there is no vachetta to worry about and it doesn't show dirt. The opening can be hard to get your wallet out of so it's probably not suited to large wallets - or vernis wallets which I think the zipper would scratch as you dragged it in and out of the bag.
    It's a great bag though and looks so pretty, easy to dress up with a scarf too.:yes:
  3. I love mine, too. It's heavier than a speedy, but it's not really a HEAVY bag. I agree about being careful pulling your wallet out of the opening. I've heard other members here say that the opening does get looser as the bag ages. I think it looks good on all ages, not just older women. It's great for everyday use. It's by far my favorite damier bag.
  4. Here's mine. I looovvee my duomo.

    I don't think it's too heavy, but then again I like big bags, so I'm used to it.

    I used it every day for a month after purchase, so I would say it can be an every day bag.

    Initially it was difficult to get things in and out of it as the opening was VERY stiff. I was very careful with taking my Pomme Pochette Wallet in and out as I was afraid it would get scratched, but it didn't.

    After having it for two months, it has softened up a bit and is easier to access the opening. It's a beautiful, classic bag.

    And lastly, I'm 10 years older than you and I don't think I'm, so I do not think it is old lady-ish. You don't have to be old-er to own a classy bag....;)

  5. Ahhh it's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have the same cles too!
  6. ^^im in love :love:
  7. i love my Duomo to death. it's not heavy at all, but not as lightweight as the Speedy because of its structure, but it's so classy and elegant, and it goes with everything
  8. I have one and its great. no vachetta to worry about.

    When I get in and out sometimes my hand gets scratched by the zipper but that is the only downfall. And even that is not really a big deal.
  9. oh i want this bag! it's gorg!
  10. i like it! and im 14, if that says anything!
    it looks great with a cles on it, if you feel its too mature!
  11. I absolutely love my Duomo. It's a great bag. I have no problems getting things in and out of it.

    No real downsides. I tried to give my other bags a turn, but I keep coming back to it.
  12. I really dislike stiff, hard to get items out bags!

    But the DUOMO style is so pretty!
  13. I like it! and I think my SA likes this bag too cuz her name is something like "Duomo" lol and she kept on talking about it once:biggrin:
  14. I've been saving for this bag, it's TDF! :drool: