Anyone own a Cynthia Rowley bag??

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  1. Technically, I'm on a purse ban right now but I actually really NEED a new black bag. :rolleyes: So I'm looking for something nice and cute, but reasonably priced.

    I found this Cynthia Rowley on the Bloomingdale's website for $375 and am thinking of getting it in black. But I've never seen any of these IRL and don't know how the quality is. So, anyone have any experience with Cynthia Rowley bags and/or have any other suggestions? Ideally I'd like to stay below $500 so I can get another Balenciaga in a few months when my ban is over.:graucho:
  2. I have never seen it IRL but it looks very pretty!
  3. I have a Cynthia Rowley bag in red. I think the quality is just fine -- really like the leather, especially, which is soft and squooshy. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Hope this helps!
  4. I am wearing a Cynthia Rowley, in fact, today. I love everything she puts out. I don't know the name of the bag, but it is a hobo style in the coolest apricot/peach color with brass studs and a braided handle. The leather is soft and crinkly and has a very worn-in look to it. I think you will love anything by Cynthia Rowley. I believe I paid somewhere in the low $300's for it, and if I saw another one in the exact same style in a different color, I would zap it up immediately! :yes: :yes:
  5. i agree with I love RICE - i haven't seen this bag up close and personal, but it's lovely! classy but not boring.
  6. That's a nice bag!
  7. I HAVE seen this bag up close and personal in the Sax outlet ... I almost bought it. You will NOT be disappointed. It is buttery soft, plenty of room and the hardware is nice, but not overbearing. YOU WILL LOVE IT! The leather quality is out of this world... I mean baby smooth. The only reason why I didn't buy it was because I wanted the brown and it wasn't brown enough... I was looking for something closer to mahogany.

    Go for it!!:yes::yahoo:

  8. Thank you all so much! :flowers: I think I will have to order this over the weekend :yahoo:
  9. i really like it, i might have to get it too!!!! online code BRIGHT works for 20% off:yahoo:
  10. OMG, even better! Thanks sooooo much!:wlae:
  11. So, after much debating and feeling guilty about spending money on myself with the holidays rapidly approaching, I finally broke my purse ban and ordered this bag tonight. :yahoo: I just couldn't pass up the 20% off deal. I'm hoping to get it in the next week or so. So thank you all for your enabling...errr...encouragement.:nuts:
  12. Good luck with your Cynthia Rowley purchase!!:yahoo: I know you will love it. You'll especially love the leather.............
  13. I've seen a couple at Saks too - it's true! Incredibly squooshy, soft leather!
  14. My hubby just bought me the Cynthia Rowley Belinda in excited !!
  15. Yes! Cynthia Rowley is awesome! I love both of my bags. I know I will get another one soon.........