Anyone own a Christopher Kon?

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  1. That thread on the perfect slouchy hobo got me looking at this brand. My Nordstrom doesn't have them, so I can't see them in person. Just curious if they are as great as the Nordies reviews say.
  2. i had one once, bought it on a sample sale site. it was an attractive style, but wasn't too impressive IMO. it's a lower end line. Leather was soft, but thin, lining wasn't anything spectacular. i see them in saks off fifth a lot, if you want to check them out in person.
  3. Thanks ^^ The style I was looking at was attractive, but the price isn't great if the bag isn't impressive.
  4. I gifted a CK wallet to my mum and the leather quality isn't fantastic. It's worn a lot in just a few months but then, she's using it everyday. I would suggest it if you're only going to use it occasionally.
  5. I've also seen his bags at TJ Maxx - very cute and super soft, but I have not bought any.
  6. I was just in nordies paying a bill & was drawn in by the new purses.....I saw a CK and mistakenly thought it was the Oryany hobo I saw in the sept catalog. I didn't even check to see how much the CK was, bc I fell in love w the oryany....she was $198 & came in several colors-I don't remember all of the oryany assigned color names, but there was burgundy, redwood (the color that was in the catalog), a dark/chocolate brown, scarlet (a rich, warm red but not over the top), a very deep, dark turquoise/sea green color, black, and stone (a light grey/champagne-y color....which is the one I bought)....all hardware was gold.....sorry if I'm posting too much on a CK thread, but just wanted to share how similar I thought they were, and the price in case anyone was interested in another option.....also wanted to mention that she wears very close to the body and is very nice and soft! Check her out IRL if you get a chance, or if you aren't too crazy about the CK.....
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    I'm so excited!!! :yahoo: I just bought a Christopher Kon bag at Nordstrom on sale, half price! I've been eyeing it on line and have been on a roll lately shopping so I did what I always do and browsed thru the handbag department and fell in love with the bag!!! It's camel colored, perfect for all year. Hobo which is the syle I live in, slouchy and soft like butta!! :yahoo: Scored!! I guess I'm so excited 'cause I haven't bought a bag for a year and now I'm considering selling one of my high end bags and getting another. Fun, fun, fun! Oh, and this is a pic of the bag: