Anyone own a Carly? Help!

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Carly for college next year... but I want to make sure that it's big enough. I'd get the large one, but will that be big enough for a 13" laptop, a notebook, plus necessities like a wallet, my cellphone, & makeup? Thoughts??
  2. i dont have a laptop anymore. but mine fits a binder, two notebooks, agenda, beauty case, and wallet quite easily.
  3. here's some pics i took for someone else:

  4. your lap top might stick out and you wont be able to zip it up, if you are dead set on carrying your lap top with you to classes (which isnt all the necessary) then go with a multifunction tote

    here is an inside pic of what is in my carly:

    5 subject notebook, 2 500+ page books, PDA, pen case, miniskinny, wristlet, cell, and some other random stuff

  5. thanks! :smile:
  6. There was a thread a little while ago where several of us noticed that the measurements on the Coach website are a little wonky (here's the link:

    Basically, the measurements appear to include the hardware on the outside of the bag, so the bag itself is much smaller than what's listed.

    I measured my large Carly and it's 17" across but only if you include the straps/hardware on the sides. The bag itself is actually only 15" across, and if you account for the size of the zipper opening and thickness of the leather itself, the space inside the bag is really only 13-14" across. It's also really only 13" from the bottom to the top of the bag.

    So, no, I don't think you'd be able to carry a 13" laptop in there. I doubt it would fit through the opening. Maybe someone else has managed to do it, though, and hopefully they'll post.

    I agree with batgirl that the multifunction tote might be a better option. Someone else here has carried their laptop in their large Ergo tote (or at least posted pics of a laptop in it to show the size - Blackbutterfly maybe?). My friend has the Penelope and carries her Mac laptop in it with no problem and can fit a few other things, too, like a notebook, agenda, wristlet, etc. Her laptop is 13-14" (I think it's an iBook). Oh, and I think I remember abandonedimages posting a picture of her Hamptons large carryall with her laptop in it, so maybe that's an option for you.

    Good luck deciding!
  7. i do carry my macbook in my carly sometimes but it sticks out about half an inch from the top so there really isnt a way to zip it. oh and the macbook is the 13"
  8. I never thought about the website's measurements being weird like that-- i'm definitely going to go to the store to check it out. thanks guys!