Anyone own a "butler bag"? Rants/raves?

  1. I'm a mom of 2 young boys & this looks like it might fit the bill, but wanted to get some opinions first.

  2. Please post pictures of it!
  3. Ah, I can't figure it out right now., I think. It's more abt function--a divided compartment. Problem is, I don't really like the style of the bag. It says they are coming out with different leathers soon, so I'm gonna wait & see how those look.
  4. Hi Amy- I am you except I have 2 young daughters.

    I love my

    I think that's the link. I did a recent thread on them- you should be able to search under "organizing".
  5. I've seen the Butler bag in person, and I think they are a tad heavy b/c the inside (unlike the chameleon inserts that JudieH mentioned) is made of cardboard w/ fabric over it. Your stuff definitely won't move around and it's sturdy b/c of the cardboard. But personally I find the look of the bags a bit boring. You can also get Purse Brite which is also a purse organizer insert as well.
  6. that's a butler bag! I just got the Chameleon in size small which I love! I've actually been using it in my AC mini city tote (perfect fit) rather than using the bag's pockets! It is too small and caves in on itself or kind of tips over in the AC drawstring hobo so I ordered 2 more: regular size large and xtra sturdy in size large. Hopefully, it will arrive this week some time and I will let you all know how they are. The small chamelon adds all the pockets and no weight at all!
  7. Yes, please do post when you receive it. No one around here (in my area) sells the butler bag (which I find somehow "grandmotherly" & I love plain bags). The hard-ness of the bag is what appealed to me, though I never thought abt it weighing more, too. Hmmm :hrmm:

    I'm not sure how different leathers would change the look. I would be getting the smaller bag--gonna do more research on these purse insert type things, as I never even knew they existed before joining tpf!