Anyone own a belted ergo magazine tote?

  1. I won a belted ergo magazine tote (tobacco) 2 days ago on eBay, and am wondering if i made the right choice??
    Im thinkin what if it is too slim for all my junk? it looks really pretty but i tend to stuff my bags and im afraid it will look OVERSTUFFED!
    Someone who has one PLEASE let me know how you like it! I have never seen one in person!! yikes!
  2. I LOVE mine! I have it in the plum color! I wish I had gotten it in tobacco too! Perhaps you can use it on days when you don't need to carry much. I know I have days like those, and I certainly need to cut down on the junk I haul around!
  3. Your collection is awesome! I went back and fourth on the plum or tobacco. I just may have to get plum too! So it doesn't hold much huh. oh well atleast it will good on my arm! thanks!
  4. I know Laurenashley has one
  5. I love mine !
  6. I tried them on at the outlets and decided it was too skinney for me. But it was a VERY close call and I keep wondering if I should just go get one!
  7. How much are they at the outlets? my best offer was 230.00, did i overpay?
  8. Jkm, I also won same item on e-bay last Sunday and my final costs was $253 (shipping already in that amount) so yours is a better price! I think it's a good bargain as Jax is still selling it at $398 and my nearest outlet does not carry it. I got the item today and I must say after opening the package, any buyer's remorse I was entertaining was totally wiped out. The bag is just gorgeous and the slimness is one reason for it! It is so chic on the shoulders!
    And the color (mine is also tobacco) is just TDF and so wearable for everyday use. Also, the fact that it is so lightweight is a welcome change from the heavy LEgacy shoulder bag I carry everyday. My only real concern is I'm not sure if the straps will be a problem in the future. I don't know if they will stay put when I'm wearing winter jacket. I hope you'll love yours, too!
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! I have been stressing over this tote, hoping it looks good in person w/it being slim! My final cost was, if im remembering correctly, $248 b/c insurance was not included in the shipping, and i had to tack on an extra 5.00! I was stressing over plum or tobacco also. (i thought tobacco would be more a summer color then the plum??) So thank you for easing my mind! Can't wait to see it!:nuts:

    I have that problem w/my med carly. doesn't stay put. But, i ended buying a leather one a couple weeks ago. for one- the sales lady talked me into it, saying how great it looked on me etc. (call me gullable lol) and my husband likes carly on me alot.