Anyone own a bag in camel?

  1. I wandered into Coach today after work and the entire store was 25% off!!! The SA said it was a customer appreciation day and that there were also some sale items in the corner of the store too. I got a large Soho flap (10578) in camel for 50% off!

    I've wanted a large soho flap for ages but I'm having doubts about the colour. I usually gravitate towards darker colours. The SAs were saying that it was a classic bag and the colour went with everything. The leather is gorgeous with some colour variation it it. I think the SA said it was glove tanned or somethiing.

    What do you think ladies, is it a keeper? What do you wear with your camel coloured bags?
  2. i think that the camel color is beautiful. i almost got a carly in that color. it also goes with just about anything.
    *pics please*
  3. Nothing like a good sale to pick up something that you wouldn't ordinarily. You can wear camel with just about anything. Ivory & creams, light or dark browns, greeen, blue, grey. You can tone down brighter colors like red, orange or yellow with camel. You can also wear all black and let the camel bag stand-out. It's neutral, and a great purchase!
  4. i have the large soho hobo in camel and my wardrobe is mostly earthy tones and it looks AMAZING with everything i wear. camel looks beautiful with denim, black pants, white, just about anything. I mostly wear jeans and tshirts and it matches every color shirt i wear well. Mine got a very pretty shine to it, too, as i bought the conditioner. I say get it! they're right, it's a classic shape and color and is very versatile! HTH ;)
  5. I have a camel soho flap and love the color.
  6. A camel bag was my first ever Coach purchase for myself. I bought it because I thought it would be the most versatile with my wardrobe! Pictures? Congrats on the deal!!
  7. I have the small soho hobo in camel and I love just keeps getting prettier (darkening slightly) with age and it goes with pretty much everything I own.
  8. Yes! Here is mine in camel!! The color is sooooooooooo beautiful in person! I love love love this bag :heart:

  9. i don't have a camel bag but i think the color is gorgeous and very versatile!
  10. Oh, I forgot I have a new camel satchel in pebbled leather. A little nervous about it getting dirty.
  11. a friend of mine picked up a camel bag for me at the outlet in orlando but when i got it I did not like it...i think it was the kind of bag(cant emember,like a smaller weekend bag) but to me it looked very cheap and I worried I would get it dirty...but i think it was more the style,if it would have been another style I may have liked it but she took it and exchanged it for a min. sig tote,she had gotten for herself and she got me the same one...but the camel was a good color just not for THAT bag.
  12. I have the large ergo hobo in camel and it is TDF!

    I'd say it is def. a staple color to have in your wardrobe! :tup:
  13. My very first Coach was a camel leather duffel bag that is VERY slouchy kinda like the Carly! I LOVE that bag and will NEVER part w/ is such a pretty color that you can wear year round w/ anything!
  14. I own several camel suedes and leather. Love them!!!!!!! Camel is a very elegant colour that goes with just about everything. Follow your heart and go with camel.:flowers::flowers:

  15. Agree!!!!!!!!!!