anyone over 5'7" wearing a 30 Birkin?

  1. Help! In your opinion, does a small tote style like the Birkin work for a tallish person? Does anyone 5'7" and up here wear a 30cm Birkin?

    I'm tallish but prefer smaller bags (31cm Bolide, 32cm Kelly, 31cm Trim). I have a 35cm Birkin and do love it but would love to wear a leather 30cm Birkin. I could get away with an exotic, but leather? What do you all think?

    if you're 5'7"ish and wear a 30cm Birkin, can you please post a pic? I'm so curious about this and am looking forward to your thoughts.
  2. Can't relate cos I'm petite but I have seen about 5'7 women with a the size 30 and it still:tup:
  3. Hi, I'm 5'6 so I'm not as tall as you, but hopefully not too far to qualify posting my suggestion here :blush: I do own both size 35 and size 30 birkins. I feel that both sizes have their own unique functions. The 35 usually tends to look more casual so I usually wear 35 for daytime. But in the evenings, for dinner with friends or even semi-formal events, the 30 looks great with cocktail dresses and more formal pants. Hope the smaller size 30 doesn't stop you from getting it... cuz I think both 30 and 35 birkins are just to lovely to pass up :tender:
  4. You know, if you like the smaller bag that is the one you should get. I have a 32cm Kelly, I like the size. A 35cm would probably be better for my frame but I find it too big. I found some pictures of Meliana Trump in the Stars with Hermes thread carrying her 30cm Birkin. She is very tall but I think it looks great on her
  5. I am between 5'7" and 5'8" and I have a birkin 35 and a 30. When I first tried on a 30. I was thinking no way, I dwraf this bag. Over time i started thinking I would like a 30. I was wanting something not so bluky and lighter. I am so happy I have both sizes. so here are some pics.

    my 35

    my 30
    IMG_3141.jpg IMG_3681.jpg
  6. wow FleurDelis!:nuts:

  7. Thanks so much for your insight luxurylife, whitebirkin, dianagrace, and FleurDeLis, and for the link, dianagrace - so extremely helpful!

    May I ask you, dianagrace, how tall are you? I have a 35 and 32 Kelly, and also prefer the 32. I love the size of a 31 Bolide.

    Wow is right, FleurDeLis! You look fabulous with both! I think with an exotic, I would not hesitate. But bright colors may fall into an "exotic" category (they do for me, anyway :smile: ).

    Thanks again! :heart:

  8. Thanks again for this link, dianagrace! I agree, Melania and Anna K look fabulous with their 30s.
  9. I am so over carrying big bags!! the other day, i was shopping with DH in the city and i actually said i had had enough!!!(never known before) he laughed and said " what is your one bag toooo many?" I couldnt admit it, but it was too heavy, and it was no fun.
    i have decided now, to go for something elegant and I think big totes have had their day
  10. You are welcome Katel.

    I am 5'8" but I am on the larger side. I need to lose some weight and then maybe my bag will look a little more proportional. (You know, when I was in SCP last month I actually had someone tell me I was too fat to wear my bag. Some people are just rude.) I like the 31cm Bolide too.
  11. i am only 5'5" but i'd like to say that i think the 30cm would look great too. i am a fan of smaller bags. they look so cute and playful and are much lighter. better for my shoulders and back. i think 30cm looks even better with day dresses than the 35cm imo.
  12. I'm 5'4" and have gone back and forth on whether a 30cm Birkin works for me or looks like a doll's bag. I usually carry a 35cm Birkin, 32cm HAC or 32cm Sellier Kelly. I thought a 31cm Bolide would work for when I want to carry a lightweight bag to take on errands or to dinner, but find that the 30cm Birkin is a better solution for me.

    Rather than thinking strictly about height regarding a 30cm Birkin, IMO it's about proportion. If you're tall and slender, pretty much everything works for you. And if you're tall but not slender, it's best to try on a 30cm Birkin and see how that looks.
  13. I agree is about proportion. I need to lose 1/2 my backside and huge chunks on my thighs...then, I will be fine.
  14. I'm 5'7 - 5'8 and I just today recieved my Gold 30. I think its cute and almost dainty compared to my JPG. I'm looking forward to walking around all day and not having to think about the weight of my bag.
  15. I'm between 5'7"-5'8". Own both the 30,35 and JPG. I love them all. The great thing about the smaller isn't so heavy. You simply can't overstuff it. Right now, it's too hot to take anything other than a 30, JPG or a Lindy! The 35's...all that leather up against me, and if there is room, I'll find something else to go into it! I do think one of the great things about the 30 is that it can really go day/evening. And as a side note...who ever told dinagrace that ... well bugger off!