Anyone out there with the Audra MC???

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  1. Is it super small..I think in white it looks like the perfect summer bag....
  2. I have the white audra and I love it! Not bad for a first LV, huh?
    I don't find it small at all. The bucket style bag is divided into 2 compartments. In one compartment: wallet & keys. Sometimes sunglasses. In another compartment: its' dust bag(bottom of bag), small dior pouch, a small tin(containing eraser, eyedrops, chapstick), blotting paper, lip gloss, pen, and lotion.

    I can try getting pics if you like.
  3. I don't have it but I've been eyeing one...and I think the white is beautiful! It's on my wish list! :girlsigh:
  4. if you're wondering about the size, it is almost the same size as the batignolles. the audra is a teensy weensy bit smaller. HTH.
  5. Thanks for the the bag...for spring/summer I narrowed it down to the white Audra or the Eliza in white MC....the audra is just soo unique and lovely...pretty good for a 1st LV...wonder what your second was?????Love to see a pic...
  6. sorry not sure what HTH is??????
  7. me too.....:flowers:
  8. LVpug, the Audra is my only LV! Until.......Nov.15th (9 more days) that is!!! Next week my audra will no longer be alone! It's a surprise!
  9. The audra is beautiful.:love: (Unfortuantely I don't own one yet.)
  10. Ohhhh tell me more...what are you getting???Are you super happy with your Audra or is it just okay? I got the the black MC aureilla and love I want a white MC bag for spring/summer...either the audra, aureilla mm or the eliza...I narrowed it down to those 3....soooo many nice bags...not sure I want another aureilla mm...two of the same handbag may be too much..different styles is always nice.....tell me how much you love your you carry it in the winter??? thanks cannot wait to see your upcoming bag soooo exciting...any hints...ahhh...please a tiny hint....which collection????
  11. hope that helps.
  12. yes that does help..thank the style of the audra in white MC..maybe next spring/summer....
  13. I have the Audra! I LOVE my Audra!! I posted pics somewhere of what all it holds.. Another thread asking the same thing. I may have put it in my showcase. I have NEVER had an issue with the size and I carry the same thing in every single bag. Love love LOVE it!!
  14. R U kidding! I :heart: her. The BF thinks I'm going crazy 'cuz I talk to to her -- sometimes:P ! I always keep her clean. Audra is always on my arm when I go out and I rarely put her down..mind you I'm like that with all my purses (lacoste, dior, etc.). When I first saw her on display at Holt Renfrew, I couldn't take my mind of her. My BF picked her out because he loved how unique it looked...especially the chunkiness of the chains. The next week I brought her home! I still carry my Audra when it's snowing but it hasn't gotten too cold yet. Plus my treat next week will give her a break from the cold weather to come. One hint: Damier
  15. LVpug, I will post pic in a couple of hours.....need to pick up BF or else no LV treat in 9 days!:happydance: