Anyone out there with stock info for Nice (France) or Monte Carlo?

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  1. If there is, you're my new best friend! I'm after an Evelyne (GM2) in etoupe and would love to get one at the weekend when I'll be visiting with some friends for a couple of days.

    Thanks in advance if you can help. If not, wish me luck!

  2. Have a great time, I'll keep my fingers crossed for sunshine for you. Why don't you telephone them and ask, they are very helpful and there is always a couple of SAs about who speak good English if you have no French. I haven't been to Nice since February but they often have some nice things, in the past, I've seen plenty of etoupe, lots of Kellys and Bolides and Evelyns so you might hit the jackpot. Also, if you phone now, they might be able to ask at Cannes and St Tropez and get one in for you if they have none in stock.
    You could visit Cannes; there's a fast train from Nice that would get you there in about 30 minutes.
  3. In my experience Monte Carlo has a huge inventory ( of everything).... I have found all SAs to be very kind and helpful. Plus, the store is full of everything Hermes...that you do not always see elsewhere....: croc shoes in all colors, yellow gold jewelry, amazing choice of beach towels, bracelets....The complete RTW collection.... I love that Store !
  4. Thanks both. I was reluctant to call in case they said "no" and I spoiled the anticipation but if they could get one in from elsewhere then I just might! I can practice my French too!